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Searching Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a web search engine that specifically searches scholarly literature and academic resources. Google Scholar can be a useful resource but keep in mind that it is a search engine, not a library database. Google Scholar may search through academic sources but that does not mean that everything found on it is a fully reliable source. It is up to the researcher to determine if the source is reliable. The selection that Google Scholar makes for you is not transparent and searches are not always reproducible. It ranks the search results and shows only the first 1,000 results of any search, based on algorithms that change frequently.

Source: How to use Google Scholar, Wageningen University 

If you access Google Scholar through the Libraries, you will be able to connect to the full text of articles that Adelphi University subscribes to.

Video source: Google Scholar Tutorial: How to Use Google Scholar for Academic Research from Science Grad School Coach.

Google vs. Research Databases

An explanation of why you would use the databases rather than Google from the University of Houston.