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Library Databases


The AU Libraries' subscription databases cover a wide variety of topics to support you with your research. They will help you find quality information in publications such as academic journals, newspapers, trade publications and magazines. The AU Libraries' databases contain a wealth of literature pertaining to nursing, medicine and  and allied health, as well as many other subjects. 

From the Libraries' home page you can search for a specific database by name by typing the name into the OneSearch box and selecting Databases & More

Select from Databases List

If you want to select from a list of all Adelphi University Libraries' databases, you can use the menu below:

Find a Database By Subject

You can find a database by subject area by clicking on Advanced Search:

Then click on A-Z Databases & More:

Select your subject from the All Subjects Shown drop-down menu:

This will bring up a list of subject databases relevant to your topic, with suggested resources highlighted in the yellow box: