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Libraries Policies: About Libraries Policies

General Information

The documents here describe policies for using Adelphi University Libraries.

The Adelphi University Libraries are committed to:

  • serving and being responsive to the needs and priorities of its users
  • protecting each user's right to privacy and confidentiality in all of their interactions with the Library
  • building collections that meet the research and instructional needs of all users
  • simplifying, enhancing, and expanding access to information
  • preserving the collections for present and future users
  • providing Library spaces to accommodate study, research, and scholarly exchange
  • keeping the physical environment of the Library clean, well-maintained, and properly functioning
  • in accord with the statement of our professional associations on the best general principles of copyright globally:

Document History

Document History

  • Last Reviewed Date:  October 10, 2022
  • Last Revised Date:     March 2, 2018
  • Policy Origination Date:   Sept. 26, 2017

Who Approved This Policy: Office of the Dean of University Libraries


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