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Libraries Conduct Policy

Policy Statement

The Adelphi University Libraries support the educational goals of Adelphi University by providing access to all forms of information to support research, study, teaching, and the general pursuit of knowledge. In order to be successful in this mission, the Libraries and its community of users observe a relationship of reciprocal rights and responsibilities. While most users conduct themselves in a responsible manner, in the interest of protecting the rights of all Library users, it is necessary to define what constitutes infringements on the rights of others.

Library Conduct Policy

Unacceptable Conduct

Users will refrain from engaging in behavior that leads to the denial of, or unreasonable interference with, the rights of others; or which disrupts the regular operations and activities of the Library. Behavior which is considered to be in violation of the AU Libraries Conduct Policy includes, but is not limited to:

  • creating a disturbance or behaving in a manner which interferes with normal use of the Library (including rowdiness, noise, offensive interpersonal behavior, and the use of cellular phones in the stacks and study areas)
  • removing or attempting to remove Library materials or property from the building without authorization
  • damaging Library property (including mutilating Library materials by marking and/or underlining pages, tearing or cutting out pages or sections thereof, removing binding and staples, removing or tampering with security tags, using Post-it notes)
  • refusing to honor Library regulations regarding overdue items, materials recalled by the Library, and the payment of fines and/or fees for lost or damaged Library materials
  • concealing Library materials in the building for the exclusive use of an individual or group
  • leaving personal materials and Library books that have not been checked out unattended in stacks, study, and computer areas for extended periods of time or overnight, unless authorized to do so
  • using Library areas for prolonged sleeping or as living quarters
  • being in an unauthorized area of the Library, or remaining in an area after its closing, staying in the building when requested to leave during emergency situations or drills
  • smoking anywhere in the building
  • failing to abide by the Library Food and Drink Policy
  • refusing to present identification to AU Public Safety officers and Library staff upon request
  • failing to adhere to copyright laws and/or University policies on copyright

Violations of the AU Libraries Conduct Policy may be referred for disciplinary action under applicable Library and/or University disciplinary processes. Where appropriate, instances of misconduct may be referred to local,state, or federal law enforcement officials.

Reason for Policy

The Adelphi University Libraries Conduct Policy affirms a commitment to protecting an environment conducive to intellectual pursuits. Such an environment is characterized by respect for the rights of others, respect for the Library's resources, and respect for appropriate conduct in a public forum. The Conduct Policy ensures that users of the Adelphi University Libraries find themselves in an environment that will enable them to achieve their educational objectives.

Who Governs the Policy

Faculty, Staff, and Students