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Using OneSearch

Using OneSearch

OneSearch is available on the Adelphi Libraries' website in the search box in the center of the page. Note that the OneSearch feature is already selected: 

Let's try searching for our topic of violence in video games from earlier by entering our terms and clicking "Search." We enter the terms violence AND "video games" into the search box. Note that "video games" is in quotation marks in order to search it as an exact phrase.

For tips on formulating a search strategy, visit the "Searching Better" section of this tutorial.


Our search will yield a variety of sources, including journal articles, ebooks, and print books. To read copies of items available online, simply click on the "Available Online" link (see red boxes below). 


To locate a print copy in the library, make a note of the status, the Library of Congress (LC) call number, and location of the book. Below, we see that some of our search results are available in Swirbul Library and the LC call numbers are noted so that the items can be found on the shelf: