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Beginning Research Tutorial

A tutorial on how to research information sources for assignments.

Turn Your Topic into a Question

When you've chosen a topic, it’s time to ask some questions. Using “popular culture issues” as our general research interest, let’s ask some questions about popular culture issues and video-gaming.

Possible Topic Research Question
Video games and special education How can video games be used to help students with non-verbal learning disabilities?
The effect of violent video games on behavior

Does exposure to violent video games desensitize adolescents to committing acts of violence?

Homophobia and misogyny in video game communities What are ways in which LGBTQ youth find accepting spaces in online gaming communities?
The effect of video games on health and wellbeing What are the health risks of extended periods of video game playing?
Composing music for video games How have composers adapted to the growing medium of music for video games?
Architecture of MMORPGs How has the growth of player defined worlds changed the architecture of MMORPGs?
The role of storytelling in video games What folklore traditions are present in popular video games?