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Tests & Measures (General)

Find information and sources about standardized tests and measurements that are used for diagnosis, research, or assessment.

Purchasing Tests

Published tests are owned by and available through commercial publishers. The library does not carry copies of most of these tests because most publishers do not sell them to libraries. These tests need to be purchased directly from the publisher, and often require the buyer to have certain credentials of authority. The library has a small collection of commercial tests that may be used for educational purposes.

All of the major test publishers have websites listing their available products. These sites are frequently the best source of information for the most recent editions of a test. Information on the cost of materials and scoring, types of scoring services and related products such as large-print or foreign language versions of tests, and ancillary materials is available on these sites.

The publisher's name and contact information is available in the description or review of the test.


Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) Test Collection

Adelphi University Libraries has a small collection of published tests in the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) located in the reference area on the second floor of Swirbul Library.

Test Policy

Student Use:  In an effort to protect the validity of the tests, librarian or staff supervision is required for use. In addition, tests are not to be photocopied or circulated. Tests may only be viewed when the reference desk is staffed.

  1. Ask at the first point of service station to retrieve the test you need from the collections area.
  2. The test must be viewed in the Sager Reference Lounge (second floor), near the Reference Desk.
  3. Return the test to the service station when you are finished.

Faculty Use:  Professors who wish to use tests for instructional purposes should contact or make special arrangements with Professor Madray, CMC librarian (Swirbul Rm. 202, x3579 or

Find Tests Owned by Adelphi University Libraries

  1. Click on the link to Alicat (Adelphi University Libraries' Catalog) below. Enter all or part of the title of the test in the search box.
  2. Under "Add Limits -> Location" choose CMC Tests.
  3. Click Submit form.