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Tests & Measures (General)

Find information and sources about standardized tests and measurements that are used for diagnosis, research, or assessment.


  This database helps locate actual tests, descriptions, and reviews.

This database helps locate tests or links to sources that describe/provide a test.

This database helps locate test descriptions and reviews. It contains articles describing questionnaires, ratings scales, index measures, scenarios, vignettes, observations, checklists, manuals, etc. Under Advanced Search, option "Source Code" select for what type of result desired: Primary Source (the article is the original source for the instrument) or Secondary Source (the instrument was originally developed by another author, the primary source). Use the keywords reliability and validity to locate instruments with tested psychometric properties.

Phrases to use in your search include screening tests, diagnostic tests, disability identification, ability identification, and talent identification.

When searching, go the Advanced Search Screen. On the first row enter your KEYWORDS or SEARCH PHRASES (ex: "self-esteem"). In the second row enter additional, different terms to combine with "self-esteem" (ex: English "second language"). In the next row enter the type of publication you need (ex: tests OR measurements OR questionnaires)

 Useful MeSH (medical subject headings) include questionnaires, psychological tests, health status, rating scales, psychiatric status rating scales, and personality inventory. In PubMed not all instruments fall under MeSH headings, so try a KEYWORD search such as pregnancy AND questionnaire. Other KEYWORDS to consider using: inventories, scale measure, measurements, survey, and psychometry

 This database helps locate successful quantitative dissertations and their discussion on applied measures.

 This database helps locate test descriptions and reviews.

This database helps locate studies that use instruments. Any article reporting a research study that uses an instrument has the name of the instrument recorded in the Instrumentation field.

This database helps locate actual tests, descriptions, and reviews. You have the ability to immediately purchase and download tests.

Use the search box called Test & Measure by entering the test name or content area.

Using Library Databases to Find Tests

Finding Tests in Scholarly Literature Using Library Databases

While many scholarly articles describe studies conducted with psychological or educational tests, they do not usually include the test itself. But you can still find a lot of information about the tests in this literature. The main databases for finding information on tests and usings tests and measures are linked below. This page includes quick videos or slideshows demonstrating how to use each.

You can enter the name of the test to locate research articles in which the instrument was used. You can also use the databases to locate instruments as well. Use the Advanced Search screen and enter your KEYWORD term or concept. Example: "domestic violence" AND coping on the first text box provided. In the second line after the AND operator add several variations of the term to retrieve measurements using OR in between each term on the same line. Example: "test" OR "survey" OR "questionnaire" or "scale" or "instrument."

Visual example using the database CINAHL without a specific test name, using keywords for concepts:

Test & Measures DB Example