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Open Access and Scholarly Communication

Information about Open Access publishing, vetting journals, finding funding, and more.

Open Access Week 2021

The University Libraries celebrated Open Access Week 2021 with a series of virtual events.

Can we reimagine FAIR for building communities in open science?

Dr. Malvika Sharan, The Alan Turing Institute

Monday, October 25, at 10am

Different stakeholders in research contribute to open science communities with a shared mission of making scientific knowledge freely available for public access. However, most of these communities operate independently of other initiatives, either lacking the capacity to build meaningful collaboration or competing for limited resources. This often results in scientific outputs that most users can find, but not access, build upon or reuse in their local contexts. In this talk, I invite you to reimagine if FAIR guiding principles can be applied for building and supporting open science communities. Can this practice be extended for cross-community collaboration, knowledge exchange and sharing resources? I will discuss how intentional connections between community-led efforts benefit the larger open science ecosystem by enabling sustainable development, maintenance and reuse of community resources. Bringing examples from my work in The Turing Way, Open Life Science and other initiatives, I will further highlight the irreplaceable importance of ‘people in open infrastructure’ — those who facilitate FAIRness through inclusive approaches in open science communities.


Open Access Publishing Across Disciplines

Tuesday, October 26, at 10am

Why do scholars in different disciplines choose to publish their work Open Access and what is the process like? Join us for a discussion of these and related questions with four Adelphi faculty members: Dr. Dominic Fareri from Psychology, Dr. Carl Giuffre from Mathematics, Dr. Alexander Heyl from Biology, and Dr. Melissa Randazzo from Communication Sciences and Disorders. Each recently published their work openly with the help of the APC fund run by the University Libraries and Provost’s Office. We will talk about their experience, what they learned, and what advice they have for colleagues interested in also publishing their scholarship Open Access.


Funding OA Book Publishing: New Initiatives at Cambridge, Michigan, and MIT


Thursday, October 28, at 10am

Finding sustainable ways to fund open access scholarly book publishing is not easy. Over the last few years, university presses have been experimenting with different business models which would enable them to publish monographs without charging authors thousands of dollars in processing charges. This panel brings together representatives from three well known university presses - Cambridge, Michigan, and MIT - which have each launched such an innovative initiative. While each of the three models has its own unique features, they share the strategy of utilizing library collection budgets to fund OA book publishing. Please join us to learn more about them and the future of openly published scholarly monographs. Joining us will be Jennifer Canela, Library Partnerships & Sales Associate at The MIT Press, Matthew Day, Head of Open Research Policy & Partnerships at Cambridge University Press, and Kristen Twardowski, Director of Sales, Marketing, and Outreach at the University of Michigan Press.



A Modern Take on Research Communication

Jennifer Gibson, Dryad

Friday, October 29, at 10am

What if we could start all over again? Knowing what we know now, about the needs for research and the opportunities to improve the human condition, about the power of the Internet, and about the importance of the global village, what would we want publishing to look like? How would we use instant online sharing? How would we tap into experts in other corners of the globe? How would we design a system that truly accelerates discovery for the benefit of everyone? This talk will offer a modern take on research communication and publishing, and aims to inspire the Adelphi campus community to take just a few actions to help us get there.