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Open Access and Scholarly Communication

Information about Open Access publishing, vetting journals, finding funding, and more.

Elsevier Publishing Options for Adelphi University Associated Corresponding Authors

Thanks to an agreement reached with Elsevier in March 2022, Adelphi University corresponding authors will automatically receive an APC waiver when publishing in eligible, fully open journals with an APC up to $2000.

Key Information

How do we determine eligibility of the article for the Adelphi University agreement?

  • The acceptance date of the article should be on or after the start date of the agreement (March 16, 2022).
  • The corresponding author must be affiliated with Adelphi University.
  • The article must be from a participating journal.

Role of the institutional librarian/admin in the Elsevier OA Platform (EOAP)

  • By the time the article is in the library administrator EOAP dashboard, Elsevier has published the first version of the article in ScienceDirect (within 48 hours of acceptance).
  • The library administrator therefore does not approve the publication of the article, but validates whether the corresponding author can make use of the APC funding under the agreement.

Publishing Options after Acceptance

The steps below describe the workflow for authors anytime they publish an article with Elsevier. The differentiator is the agreement language that appears when authors publish in an eligible Gold Open Access title, as depicted below:

  • The corresponding author receives an email post acceptance with a unique link to complete the author journey and choose publishing options.

  • The author clicks on “Complete the Rights and Access information form.” 


  • The corresponding author selects his/her affiliation details which are used to identify the authors and match them to the Adelphi University agreement.

  • Please note that the author has already provided this information at submission; it is prepopulated.


  • The corresponding author also adds any co-author affiliation details.



  • The author can add funder details. A funder can be the affiliated institution or a different one. 

  • Based on the affiliation details, the author sees the publishing option. Gold OA is the only publishing option shown here as this is a Gold OA journal.

  • If the library administrator at the institution rejects the author request in the Elsevier Platform, the authors will receive a full price invoice.


  • The system presents the author with CC license options.



  • The author selects the rights.


  • The system presents the author with the journal license publishing agreement.

  • The author agrees to the agreement.


Once the author clicks on order and pay:

  • The corresponding author and coauthors receive a copies of the summary via email.

  • The article becomes OA on ScienceDirect within 24 hours.

  • The library administrator at the institution will receive a notification for validation within 48 hours, and has 3 weeks to validate the request.

  • If the library administrator approves the request, the author will receive the full APC coverage.

  • If the library administrator rejects the request, the author will receive the full price invoice.

Contact Dean Ilik with any questions.

Check out these author journey videos for more information and instructions.