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Asia & The Pacific



AsiaGenWeb Project
Part of the WorldGenWeb, this site links to genealogical information sources in Asian countries from Turkmenistan in the west to East Timor in the east.

Genealogy in Asia & the Pacific
"Explore your ancestry with these genealogy and family history databases and resources covering Asia and the Pacific, including China, Japan, Manila, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Vietnam."


China Collection of Genealogies, 1239-2014

Digital images of Chinese genealogies from various public and private collections.

Chinese Immigration and Chinese in the United States
National Archives Reference Information Paper No. 99. A good starting point for Chinese-American researchers.

Chinese in California, 1850-1925
This collection from the Bancroft Library of the University of California Berkeley illustrates 19th and early 20th century Chinese immigration to California through about 8000 images and pages of primary source materials.

Chinese Roots Wiki
This wiki is designed to help people of Chinese heritage discover their ancestral roots.

Chinese Surnames
This site contains links found in the Bai Jia Xing (the Hundred Families Surnames). There is also a list in alphabetical order, in whatever form the names were Anglicized. The surname pages contain links and references to genealogies, family name associations, generation names, home pages, and other references to persons of particular surnames.


Japan GenWeb

Japanese family heritage can also be done according to Japanese prefecture.