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Adelphi Libraries Statistics Dashboard

Adelphi Libraries Statistics Dashboard is a way to visually share our statistics and assessment data.

Space usage using head counts and door counts

Space utilization

Library usage has increased during peak daytime hours for 2018/19. (13% Spring semester, 4% Fall semester)

The headcount charts shown below represent the average number of people that were counted at two times during the day from Monday to Thursday during the regular semester in Swirbul Library.
The afternoon collection time from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm represents peak usage in the building. 
The evening collection time from 11 pm  to 12 pm midnight represents patrons remaining in the building before closing time.

· Afternoon collection times show the Fall semester headcounts rising by 4% and the Spring headcounts showing a recent rise of 13%.
· Evening headcounts for the past two Spring semesters show a decrease of  50%, resulting in fewer people using the library near closing.

(updated 9-19-2019)

Door Count

Which hours of the day are typically the busiest in Swirbul Library... 
  · walk-in traffic is heaviest on Tuesday from Noon to 1pm

(updated 07-24-2019)

a. Recorded Door counts for Spring 2019 are tracking lower due to the absence of data collecting devices during this period at the main entrance and new north door, mainly because of construction. 



Semester View

(updated  7-24-2019)

a. Door counts can show a significant decrease due to inclement weather conditions. At the beginning of a semester, door counts can be as high as 3,000 in one day.
b. Door counts for 2017-18  and 2018-19 are lower, due to an absence of data collecting devices at the main entrance and the new north door entrance., mainly because of construction.


Collaboration Studios

Swirbul Library Collaboration studios usage
  ·  The chart, shown below, shows usage in terms of the number of hours all 10 rooms reached a percentage level of occupancy in one semester. For example: all 10 rooms reached capacity 101 times for Spring 2017.(updated  09-24-2019)