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Reading Lists

Add Citations to Your List

Once you have created a reading list, you will need to add items to your list.  


You don't have to create the section first. 


1. To add an item, click on ADD ITEMS.



1. Enter the search criteria into the search box.  You can search using title, author and keyword.  


2. Select the item and drag it to the Course Resources area.  


3. The item is now in you Course Resources area. 


4. Add tags to item: Faculty can use this to communicate with students or the library. 


Communicate with students: Required, Recommended, Further reading

Communicate with the library: Digitize, Purchase Electronic Copy, Purchase a Print Copy.

You can add more than one tag. The example below shows Required on the student view and Purchase Electronic Copy on the library view. 


**You can also add items that we upload.  Click "add items".  Click the "create" tab.  Fill in the resource's title, author and type.  Some types of resources require additional information.  For example if the resource type "book chapter" is selected, the title of the chapter and pages are required. If your resource is available online, you can add its URL in the "Source" field.  You can also upload a local file from our computer, via drag-and-drop. You will be required to make a copyright declaration. It defaults to "need help determining copyright status". The library will be alerted to review the item. Note that the same item can have both an uploaded file and online sources, to provide several methods of access.  Click the "add" button.  The item will be placed in the appropriate section of your reading list that you have chosen.