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Pay-Per-Use/Copyright Clearance Center

Pay-Per-Use and Copyright Clearance Center

The Libraries are excited to offer expanded course material options this semester through our Reading Lists platform.

As in the past and in accordance with copyright guidelines, you will still be able to add journal articles from our subscribed collections to your reading list in addition to having up to two chapters of a book (not exceeding 10%) digitized for your students while they acquire the required material. 

For material that exceeds the copyright guidelines mentioned above, we have partnered with the Copyright Clearance Center to try and obtain licences for the individual courses (per semester) on a pay-per-use basis. This new pilot will allow you to now post articles retrieved through ILL and/or additional book chapters (2 additional chapters. Not exceeding 4 chapters total of a book or 20% of the book).

Please note: Not every publisher works with the Copyright Clearance Center, so we may not be able to get usage permissions for all requested items.