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Immigration in the Arts

Poetry about the Immigrant Experience

The New Colossus, Emma Lazarus

Let America Be America Again, Langston Hughes.  

in The Collected Works of Langston. Hughes

Swirbul Library,  PS3515 .U274 2001

Immigrant Blues, Li-Young Lee

We All Return to the Place Where We Were Born, Oscar Gonzales

Trailing Clouds of Glory,Vijay Seshadri

in 3 Sections

Swirbul Library , PS3569.E747 A6 2013

because we come from everything

American Academy of Poets     

Streaming Documentaries

Relevant collections: 

Banned!: Films from Countries in the U.S. Travel Ban

Immigrant Stories

Notable films: 
What is an American? Immigration in American History 

The Elevator Operator: An Immigrant's Experience

Edison Shorts: Perils of the New Land

Becoming Ourselves: How Immigrant Women Transformed Their World 

Essential Arrival: Michigan's Indian Immigrants in the 21st Century 

Immigrant Nation! The Battle for the Dream


Films in the Library's Collections

Theatre Productions

The Container

"Enclosed in a freight container somewhere in Europe, five people huddle together with a common aim. Can they rely on each other? How far will each of them go to get there? 2007 Amnesty Freedom of Expression Award Winner."

A View from the Bridge

"Italian-American immigrant life in the 1950s textures Arthur Miller's searing drama of love and revenge."