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Evaluating Information Sources: Start Here

For Students

restaurantWithout realizing it, you use a variety of information sources to make routine decisions every day.  A decision as simple as deciding where to eat involves gathering data from multiple sources to make an informed decisions.  You may look at restaurant websites, review sites like Yelp, dining guides and reviews by food critics, or consult with friends and family about their experiences. Along the way, you weigh the quality and reliability of each source of information to help you choose the best restaurant for you at the time.

This LibGuide will help you formalize your thoughts around evaluating information you use to write academic papers.  Many of the same skills you use to choose a restaurant apply, but perhaps a little refining of your skills will help make you a better researcher.

For Faculty

Adelphi University Librarians are here to help your students learn to evaluate sources.  Schedule information literacy instruction by clicking on the link above or by contacting your Subject Librarian.