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Background Information

Why Background Information?

Background Information

When you start a research task,  begin with some authoritative Background Research. Why?

  • To find key concepts, issues, names, vocabulary about your topic--these are your starting keywords

Generating Keywords

Generating Search Terms

Finding keywords in background research to develop a Search Strategy.

Good, short, video on brainstorming (4:25)

Learn to generate effective search terms for internet or database searching.

Databases for Background Research

Databases for Background Reference & eReference Books

from Library Home Page 


eReference and general print reference...

  • Will point to narrower areas of the subject
  • Will provide search terms and keywords
  • Will have bibliographies to lead to additional information and articles

Subject specific reference resources, both in print and as ebooks.

eRef & eBrary 

some suggested eReference sources:

Reference Sources for Caribbean Studies

Selected Titles for Background Research

Books & eBooks



Good place to start: eBraryAn ebook collection of more than 70,000 covering all topics.