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Business Citation Analysis and Scholarly Impact

Citation analysis studies the impact and assumed quality of an article, journal or author based on the number of times articles or authors have been cited by others, and the impact and ranking of the associated journals in that field.

Google Scholar


To find articles that have cited you,

  1. Start by clicking on drop down menu in the upper left hand corner  (the three horizontal bars) in order to access Advanced  Search options.
  2. Put your name into Return articles authored by search box.  Google suggests entering your name by putting quotation marks around your first initial(s) and last name (for instance, Debbi Smith would search for "D Smith" ) as the best way to start.  Use your full name if you are sure of how it appeared in your publications  (i.e., "Debbi A Smith").  Click  on the blue search icon.
  3. On the results page, look for the article you want to see citations for and click the number under the Cited by column  to see who cited the article in question. Note: If you don't see a Cited by link, Google was unable to find any articles that cited it.
  4. You'll see a list of results that have cited this article. Click on an article's title to see if there is a link to the full text of that article (or if you just want to go to a page with a more complete citation). 

Google Scholar Citations

Google Scholar Metrics

Publish or Perish

Publish or Perish offers software you can download to your computer that will retrieve and analyze academic citations taken from Google Scholar. It presents such parameters as the total number of papers, citations, average number of citations per paper, average number of citations per author, average number of papers per author.

To generate metrics for your publications in Publish or Perish,

  • Download the program from
  • Select author impact analysis from the left hand sidebar.
  • Deselect any subject areas that are not related to your publication history and add years of publication.
  • Enter your first initial and last name in quotes. Sample: "J Doom" 
  • Select "Lookup".
  • Refine your results by deselecting publications not authored by you. 
  • All available metrics will appear at the top of the results screen.