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Guide to Citation Management at Adelphi

Information about tools and techniques to collect and manage citation information while doing research at Adelphi University.

Making the Most of Adelphi Libraries with Zotero and other Systems

Using "Library Locate" to Find Items in Adelphi's Library Holdings

Whether you use Zotero or another citation manager, there are some things you can do to make the most of your experience while doing research at Adelphi. Zotero and other systems allow customization specific to the user’s institution. This may involve configuring the application with an OpenURL resolver from your institution, so that one may click through to full-text versions of articles or books that are available via institutional subscription. This in effect tells your citation manager to try to find the resource via your institution library’s e-resource system.

In Zotero this feature is called Library Locate. To configure Library Locate for Adelphi, open the Zotero app’s preferences, go to the Advanced tab, and put this URL in the Resolver field: 

Zotero Library Connector configuration

Now if you go to the Locate menu and select Library Locate, Zotero will try to locate the resource via Adelphi’s systems (you may be required to log in using your Adelphi credentials).

Library Lookup tool in Zotero