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Citation and Style Guide: Home

A guide to resources and best practices for citation, academic integrity and bibliographic management.

Citing the sources you have used when presenting your work is very important. Among the reasons we cite our work is to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism, willfully misrepresenting yourself by suggesting that certain words or ideas are your own when they are not, is a serious problem. Avoiding plagiarism can be accomplished by citing your sources properly. The resources in this guide will help you gain an understanding of why and when to cite. Links to citation style guides are provided as well. Your professor will tell you which style they expect the citations to be in. 

For more information on plagiarism and academic honesty please see Prof. Madray's LibGuide: Preventing Plagiarism: Academic Honesty.

Citing -- Why & When?

  • To avoid plagiarism by giving credit to original authors
  • Help readers refer back to where the ideas came from
  • To show how much research you did
  • To show you used reputable sources


image citation flowchart

LibGuide prepared by Prof. L. Caniano