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OneSearch LibGuide

Provides information on how to use OneSearch and other library services

Everything vs Library Catalog

In conducting an Advanced Search in OneSearch the results can be limited to the holdings in our Library Catalog or expanded to include Everything in all of our collections in all formats, both print and non-print.  You can also search for titles in Streaming Media format.  In either search mode there are a variety of options to narrow down your search.

The Adelphi University Library Catalog includes print and non-print books, e-books, articles, audio and video recordings, images, databases, and archival material available at the Adelphi University Libraries including Swirbul (in Garden City) as well as in our satellite libraries (Manhattan, Hauppauge, and Hudson Valley).  Searching in the Library Catalog allows you to do simple or complex research.  The searches can also be narrowed down by indicating that it is (exact), contains (specific words), or starts with.   Note that you can only  do an advanced search by subject if it is limited to is (exact).  You can search for a specific title, author/creator, subject or the unique ISBN (International Standard Book Number) in the Library Catalog.

  The same search in Library Catalog and Everything will provide the researcher with different results.  For example a subject search on the subject race discrimination in Library Catalog will provide you with a list of almost 1,000  titles.  From the column to the left of your results, you can narrow down and refine your results to either books or videos or journals or conference proceedings.  Because an Everything search includes titles in our library catalog, as well as all of the holdings in all of the Adelphi University Libraries, the results of this same subject search will be even greater, including more than 16,000 titles. However, you can narrow down this search in the same way as a Library Catalog search.  You can limit your results to either articles or reference entries or journals or books.   If you did this same search on race discrimination for Streaming Media you would find almost 150 titles.  Note that the options for refining your search are different for Library Catalog vs. Everything vs. Streaming Media.   You can also do a separate Newspaper search.