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OneSearch LibGuide

Provides information on how to use OneSearch and other library services

Favorites and Search History

To access My Favorites, click on the Black Pin icon in the upper right hand corner to the left of your signed-in name.  You can also access it by clicking on your name (your account) and choosing My Favorites from the drop-down menu.

My Favorites will provide information about records you have saved, searches you have saved and your Search History.  Also, by clicking on your account (your name) in the upper right hand corner, there is an option to access your Search History from the Drop Down Menu.

In order to add an item to My Favorites, in the list of results of your search query, click the Black Pin icon, to the right of the Title.  Once the item is added to My Favorites, the Black Pin icon will turn into an Orange Pin with a cross through it.  In the full view of the record, there is also an option to add this item to My Favorites by clicking on the Black Pin icon in the upper right hand corner.

Your Search History will automatically appear in the Search History column of My Favorites.  You can add the Search Query to Saved Searches by clicking the Orange Pin icon to the right of the Search. If the Search is added to Save Search a cross through the Orange Pin icon will appear.  You may also delete the Search Query from Search History by clicking on the Orange Trashcan icon to the right of the Orange Pin icon.

You may also save your Search Query by clicking on the Black Pin Save Query icon below the Search bar, to the left of the Personalize option and to the right of the number of results.  This will add the Search Query to your Saved Searches in your My Favorites page.