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Communications Resources

Find Communications resources.

Library Databases

Library databases are designed to help you find articles (or chapters, conference reports, etc.) on a topic.

Most of our databases contain the full text of the article, link to that full text in another subscribed resource, or provide a link to request the item through Interlibrary Borrowing. If you need help, please ask a librarian.

To find out if we subscribe to a specific database, or to locate a database for your subject area, visit

  • With Databases & More selected, you can search for a specific database by title. This search will bring you to a screen with the database listed; click its title and begin searching for articles. 
  • If you don't know the name of a database, you can search for databases by subject area. With Databases & More selected, type your discipline (example: communications). This search will bring you to a list of all library databases that have been tagged for that subject area. At the top of the page, you can search within the list or use the drop-down menus to locate what you need. Locate a database and click its title to begin searching for articles.

Note: You can also search for databases, articles, and more by searching in OneSearch (with "OneSearch" selected). This search will bring you to the OneSearch product rather than the databases listing.

Find Articles in Databases

Multidisciplinary databases contain articles and materials on a variety of topics, rather than focusing on just one topic. These databases appear as suggested resources on multiple LibGuide pages because they contain materials that are helpful to researchers in multiple subject areas.

Find Articles via OneSearch

                            You can search in OneSearch for articles on your topic.

  • I recommend clicking on Advanced Search to search for articles. This will allow you to do a more guided OneSearch search and limit to material type "Articles." 
  • You can also use the library website's main OneSearch search box, with "OneSearch" selected, to type in your topic. This search will bring you to OneSearch, where you can limit your search on the top or by using the filters on the left hand side of the page.

Citation Lookup

  • If you are already in OneSearch, you can find this tool by clicking the "..." at the top next to Ask A Librarian. Citation Lookup is also listed in the Library Services Catalog. Citation Lookup (Citation Linker) allows you to find a specific article or other resource.
  • This tool is especially useful if you have a certain article in mind and have at least its article title, journal title, or author information readily available. 


Find Specific Journals by Title

There are a few ways to find out if Adelphi has access to a specific journal from


  • Use the library website's main OneSearch search box, with "OneSearch" selected, to locate a specific journal by title. For example, type "New Media  & Society" in the search box to see if we subscribe to that journal. In the results, click the journal title to see which dates we can access. From this OneSearch results screen, you can also search within the journal to find articles. Note: If you have too many results from which to choose, you can add quotation marks around the journal title or limit from the OneSearch results screen.
  • From the library website, click Advanced search to search OneSearch for the journal. The advanced search allows you to search by title, ISSN, and more. You can also limit on the right-hand side of the screen to materials type "Journal Titles."

Citation Lookup

  • Citation Lookup is listed in the Library Services Catalog. If you are already in OneSearch, you can also find it by clicking the "..." at the top next to Ask A Librarian. Citation Lookup (Citation Linker) allows you to find a specific article or other resource, but it also allows you to search for a journal by title.


  • The library subscribes to a database called BrowZine, which can be found via OneSearch or Databases & More (BrowZine link). You can search BrowZine Library to see if we subscribe to the journal; if we do you will be able to read the journal online.