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#ThanksForTyping: Women's Invisible Labor in Academia and Publishing

A Guide to Resources on Women's Previously Uncredited Work in Academic Scholarship

 Work: Paradise Lost 

Author: John Milton

Transcriber: Milton's daughter


Work: War and Peace

Author: Leo Tolstoy

Transcriber: Tolstoy's wife, Sofia 

Author: Vladimir Nabokov

Typist: Nabokov's wife, Vera

Author: Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

Editor: Clemens' wife, Olivia 


Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Author of source material: Fitzgerald's wife, Zelda

Author: William Wordsworth

Transcriber: Wordsworth's sister, Dorothy

Author: Dan Brown

Researcher, Proofreader, Editor: Brown's wife, Blythe

Author: Dick Francis

Researcher, Editor: Francis' wife, Mary 

Author: William H. Whyte

Transcriber, typist: Whyte's wife, Jenny Bell

Author: Felix Frankfurter

Editor of nonjudicial writings: Frankfurter's wife, Marion

Work: The Voyage of the Jeanette

Author: George Washington De Long 

Editor: His wife, Emma

Work: It Takes a Family

Author: Rick Santorum 

Uncredited author of at least one chapter: Santorum's wife, Karen

Author: Stanley G. Weinbaum

Typist, Weinbaum's wife

Playwright: Alun Owen

Typist: Owen's wife

Writer: Gwyn Thomas

Typist: Thomas' wife 

Work: The South in the Revolution

Author: John Richard Alden

Maps Drawn by Alden's wife


Work: Roosevelt: The Lion and the Fox

Author: James MacGregor Burns

Researcher, typist: Burns' wife 

Work: The Roots of Democracy

Author: Robert E. Shalhope

Proofreader, Editor: Shalhope's wife

Baseball Historian/Author: Harold Seymour

Ghostwriter, Researcher: Seymour's wife, Dorothy 

Works: The World of Yesterday; The Royal Game

Author: Stefan Zweig

Typist: Zweig's wife, Lotte

Work: First Published Paper on DNA in Nature

Authors: Watson & Crick

Illustrator of First Published Diagram of DNA: Crick's wife, Odile