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Honor Flights, Honor Stories

Collection of primary and secondary resources on veterans' service stories

Academic Video Online

Richard Hank Sciaroni: Shot Down

Through the perils of air combat, and an emergency landing behind enemy lines in Italy, Hank utilized his capability to speak Italian to help get him and his men to safety as the Germans closed in.

Barbarino, R. (Director). (2015). Richard Hank Sciaroni: Shot Down. [Video/DVD] El Dorado Films.

The Forgotten Veterans

Twenty-four years ago, the longest, most divisive war in U.S. history finally came to an end. A decade ago, 60 Minutes' Morley Safer focused on some forgotten veterans of the Vietnam War. At that point, most Americans were oblivious to the fact that 10,000 women, mostly nurses, served in Vietnam.

Dury, B., Palmer, M.G. & Columbia Broadcasting System (Producers). (1999). The Forgotten Veterans. [Video/DVD] Columbia  Broadcasting System.