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Predatory Journals and Conferences:Information for AU Authors

This Libguide aims to make Adelphi Community aware of predatory, publications, publishers and conferences.

Lists of Predatory journals

Jeffrey Beall conducted an extensive research on Open Aceess (OA) publications, developed and  maintained a blacklist of “potential, possible, or probable “ predatory publishers and journals.  Although Beall’s list was  a very popular resource  for identifying the predatory journals and publishers, the list is no longer available or updated to consult. The archived versions of Beall’s lists are available at:

Professor Beall did not update his own lists after January, 2017. However, an anonymous  person has assumed the responsibility of updating  Beall's list by adding new predatory journals  and publishers to the end of each list.These lists are available at: 

A subscription based list of  questionable or deceptive journals developed by Cabells International is known as Cabell's Blacklist.  A review of  this Blacklist is available at: 

 AU Libraries do not subscribe to Cabell's Blacklist at present.