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This Libguide aims to make Adelphi Community aware of predatory, publications, publishers and conferences.

About This Guide

 Authors beware! Predatory journals and predatory conferences are on the rise. These unethical venues of publishing and presenting scholarly work has a huge impact on the scholars and the research community as a whole. Authors who publish in predatory journals or present at fake conferences  do not have any academic gain. Publishing in a  fraudulent journal or presenting at a predatory conference hurts an author's credibility, reputation, career and causes a waste of his/her time and research funding. We all should work collaboratively and diligently to "cut off the supply of manuscripts to these illigitimate outfits", as stated by David Moher and his coauthors in a published article in Nature .

This LibGuide has been developed to provide  Adelphi authors guidance to the resources that can help them in identifying predatory journals, fraudulent publishers, and fake conferences.