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Bridges to Adelphi Webinar

This is an information literacy webinar for Bridges to Adelphi students created by James Cho, liaison to the Bridges program.

Answers to the Hands-on Exercises

Remember to try answering the questions on the previous sub-page on your own before checking the answers.  Here are the answers to the questions:

Answer #1:  E668 .F66 1988

Answer #2:  Failing to prepare for the Great War? The absence of grand strategy in British War Planning before 1914, by Matthew S. Seligman.  in War in History, Volume 24, Issue 4, 2017.

Answer #3:  Truman, Congress, and Korea: the politics of America's first undeclared war, by Dennis Wainstock.  In Historian, Vol. 79, Issue 4, Winter 2017, pages 825-837

Answer #4:  Indonesia's role in ASEAN: a case of incomplete and sectorial leadership, by Ralf Emmers.

Answer #5:  Spence, J. (1990).  The Search for Modern China.  New York: Norton.

Answer #6:  The article entitled "Examining the Scientific Consensus on Climate Change" is authoritative and a reliable source for you to use in your research.

Answer #7:  Community and public health nursing:  evidence for practice / Gail A. Harkness and Rosanna F. DeMarco

Answer #8:  Laptops can be borrowed from the Access Services Desk.  You must have a valid Adelphi ID card.  All equipment must not leave the building and is due back 30 minutes prior to the Access Services desk closing.

Answer #9:  DS558 .V36 1991 ; DS558 .V44 2004 ; DS558 .V476 2003 ; DS558 .V478 2004 ; DS558 .V48 1990