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Bridges to Adelphi Webinar

This is an information literacy webinar for Bridges to Adelphi students created by James Cho, liaison to the Bridges program.

Hands-on Exercises

Here are some hands-on exercises that reflect what we just learned in the webinar:

Question #1:  What is the call number for Reconstruction: America's unfinished revolution, 1863-1877, by Eric Foner?

Question #2:  Using Summon, search for the keywords "British Economic History".  Next refine the search choosing Scholarly & Peer Reviewed, Full Text Journal Article, and published in the last 12 months.  What is the third item that pops up?

Question #3:  Using the databases list, choose the History database, then choose Historical Abstracts.  Using boolean operators, search for Korean War NOT China.  Refine by Peer Reviewed.  What is the second item that pops up?

Question #4:  Using the journal titles tab, find the journal called Pacific Review.  In that journal, find Volume 27, Issue 4, September 2014, pages 543-562.  What is the title and author of this article?

Question #5:  Put the following book into APA Citation Style format.  The Search for Modern China

Question #6:  Compare and contrast the following two articles using the CRAAP Test.  The Real Fake News Exposed  And  Examining the Scientific Consensus  Which article is authoritative and a reliable source for your research paper?

Question #7:  What is the course reserve reading for Professor Facquet (NUR 307)?

Question #8:  What is the library's policy regarding the borrowing of laptops?

Question #9:  Put the following call numbers into order:  DS558 .V478 2004 ; DS558 .V36 1991 ; DS558 .V48 1990 ; DS558 .V476 ; DS558 .V44 2004

The answers to these questions are on the next sub-page.  Remember that these exercises are not graded or looked at by me, they are only for your benefit.  This a chance for you to assess the skills you have just learned.  So don't cheat! :)