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Spotlight on Theatre

Spotlight on Theatre

At the Adelphi University Libraries, materials are assigned Library of Congress Subject Headings based on their content.  When you view a OneSearch record, these subject headings will display as active links pointing to other materials with the same subject headings.

Here is a list of sample subject headings, although in no way exhaustive, used in finding materials about Theatre.  Clicking on these links will take you to a OneSearch query according to that particular subject heading.


Materials at the Adelphi University Libraries (except for electronic resources) are given Call Numbers, based on the Library of Congress Classification System.  Library of Congress Classification Systems organizes materials by Subject.  The below list is shows how Theatre materials are organized.  This is useful in browsing, whether by looking at the physical stacks themselves, or bibliographic records in OneSearch.

Theatrical Costumes                                             GT1740-1747

Theatrical Dancing                                                GV1781-1786.31

Theaters                                                                NA6820-6845

Monologue/Dialogue                                             PN1530-1599

The Performing Arts                                              PN1560-1590

Drama                                                                   PN1600-3310

Dramatic Representation - Theater                      PN2000-3307

Collections of General Literature - Drama            PN6110.5-6120

Costume, Clothing and Dress                               TT-TX340