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SWK 498/749 Social Work & The Law: Getting Started

Connect to Article

Connect to Article--Article Linker

Connect to Article

Results from a database search are often in the form of a list of citations. Article Linker is a tool to help you retrieve full text journal or newspaper articles, connecting you to the whole article if the journal or newspaper is in an AU database. To begin, look for the icon in your results page

Since our collection includes databases from varying vendors, not all databases connect in the same manner.

  • In some cases the system will connect directly to the article.
  • Or, the page may contain a link to the article. 
  • Or, you may have to enter the Journal title into Alicat and then find the needed Volume & Issue

Review the following guides to familiarize yourself with Article Linker. If an article is not available in any AU database online then you may order the article through Interlibrary Loan. Fill out and submit your request for a journal article using the online form. The article will then be sent to your Adelphi email account in a few days.

Journal Title Search

Journal Title Search

Click Journal Titles in Alicat box on Library Homepage

Use the Journal Title search box when you want to locate an article from a citation.  Enter the name of the journal in the box.  

Useful Journals

Useful Journals in the Field

You can browse the contents of these journals for interesting articles. For each of the journals listed there may be  the ability to search the contents of each journal topically. Make sure you look for that capability in the database the journal is indexed in. Some journals are indexed in several databases, and the years covered by different database. Make sure you search different databases if needed to get complete coverage.