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Sample Search

This is the search we will be using for Part 1

Sample Search Strategy

Stated research topic:
 If an ICU has an oral hygiene protocol in place, does this result in a lower incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia?     

oral hygiene protocol
ventilator associated pneumonia

Terms for searching:
ICU* OR "intensive care unit*"
"oral hygiene"  
"ventilator associated pneumonia"

Types of publications to use:
Journal Articles - Peer Reviewed, English language, Evidence-based, Publication date ≤ 5 years old (for currency)

Databases to use:
CINAHL Complete



  • Truncate words to retrieve variant endings of a word such as ICU or ICUs
  • Put quotation marks around phrases to search words together as a phrase

Sample Search

Sample CINAHL Search


4) Pressure ulcer knowledge of registered nurses, assistant nurses and student nurses: a descriptive, comparative mulitcentre study in Sweden.
The aim of this study was to describe and compare the knowledge of registered nurses (RNs), assistant nurses (ANs) and student nurses (SNs) about preventing pressure ulcers (PUs).  
PU prevention behaviours in the clinical practice of RNs and ANs were also explored ... It has been concluded that there is a knowledge deficit in PU prevention among nursing staff in Sweden. A major educational campaign needs to be undertaken both in hospital settings and in nursing education.

Relevant to the topic?

5) Nutrition care-related practices and factors affecting nutritional intakes in hospital patients at risk of pressure ulcersAbstract: 
Background:  Malnutrition is common in hospitals and is a risk factor for pressure ulcers. Nutrition care practices relating to the identification and treatment of malnutrition have not been assessed in patients at risk of pressure ulcers. The present study describes nutrition care practices and factors affecting nutritional intakes in this patient group. Methods The study was conducted in four wards at two hospitals in Queensland, Australia…  Conclusions:Nutrition care practices including malnutrition risk screening and documentation of nutritional parameters appear to be inadequate in patients at risk of
pressure ulcers.

Relevant to the topic?

6. Factors Associated With Occipital Pressure Ulcers in Hospitalized Infants and Children. Abstract: Background The occiput is a common location for development of pressure ulcers in hospitalized infants and young children. However, risk factors associated with occurrence of the ulcers have not been fully described. Objective:  To identify factors associated with development of occipital pressure ulcers in acutely ill infants and children. …. Patients with the ulcers were commonly treated with mechanical ventilation (83%) and sedation (74%) and were described as agitated (42%). Many of these patients were receiving vasoactive medications (50%) and had vascular access devices in the neck that restricted head movement (45%)...

Relevant to the topic?