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Diversity Book Awards

Non-fiction Awards: Jewish Studies

Dorothy Rosenberg Prize Most distinguished work on the history of the Jewish diaspora published in English (American Historical Association)

2020: Tamar Herzig, A Convert’s Tale: Art, Crime, and Jewish Apostasy in Renaissance Italy (Harvard Univ. Press, 2019).

2019: James Loeffler, Rooted Cosmopolitans: Jews and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century (Yale Univ. Press, 2018).

2018: Andrew Sloin, The Jewish Revolution in Belorussia: Economy, Race, and Bolshevik Power (Indiana Univ. Press, 2017).

2017: Roger Horowitz, Kosher USA: How Coke Became Kosher and Other Tales of Modern Food (Columbia Univ. Press, 2016).

2016: Paul Lerner, The Consuming Temple: Jews, Department Stores, and the Consumer Revolution in Germany, 1880-1940 (Cornell Univ. Press, 2015).

Ernst Fraenkel Prize Book-length academic manuscripts on the Holocaust, its context and implications, and twentieth century and post-Holocaust genocides (Wiener Holocaust Library)

2020, Co-winners:

Andrew Kornbluth, The August Trials: The Holocaust and Postwar Justice in Poland (Harvard Univ. Press, 2021).

Joanna Sliwa, Jewish Childhood in Krakow: A Microhistory of the Holocaust (Rutgers Univ. Press, 2021).

2019: Jeffrey Koerber (Chapman University), Borderland Generation: Soviet and Polish Jews under Hitler (Syracuse Univ. Press, 2019).
2017: Alice Weinreb (Loyola University),
Modern Hungers: Food and Power in Twentieth Century Germany (Oxford Univ. Press, 2017).

Jordan Schnitzer Book Awards Outstanding scholarship in the field of Jewish Studies - 4 categories:

Biblical Studies, Rabbinics, and Jewish History and Culture in Antiquity

2020: Lynn Kaye (Brandeis University), Time in the Babylonian Talmud: Natural and Imagined Times in Jewish Law and Narrative (Cambridge University Press, 2018).

2018: Mira Balberg (University of California), Blood for Thought: The Reinvention of Sacrifice in Early Rabbinic Literature (University of California Press, 2017).

2016: Christine Hayes (Yale University), What's Divine about Divine Law? Early Perspectives (Princeton University Press, 2015).

Jews and the Arts: Music, Performance, and Visual

2020: Karen B. Stern (Brooklyn College), Writing on the Wall: Graffiti and the Forgotten Jews of Antiquity (Princeton University Press, 2018).

2018: David Stern (Harvard University), The Jewish Bible: A Material History (University of Washington Press, 2017).

2016: Assaf Shelleg (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Jewish Contiguities and the Soundtrack of Israeli History (Oxford University Press, 2014).

Modern Jewish History and Culture: Europe and Israel

2020: Joshua Teplitsky (Stony Brook University), Prince of the Press: How One Collector Built History’s Most Enduring and Remarkable Jewish Library (Yale University Press, 2019).

2018: Daniel Kupfert Heller (Monash University), Jabotinsky’s Children: Polish Jews and the Rise of Right-Wing Zionism (Princeton University Press, 2017).

2016: Jay R. Berkovitz (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Protocols of Justice: The Pinkas of the Metz Rabbinic Court, 1771–1789 (Brill, 2014).

Social Science, Anthropology, and Folklore

2020: David S. Koffman (York University), The Jews’ Indian: Colonialism, Pluralism, and Belonging in America (Rutgers University Press, 2019).

2018: Michal Kravel-Tovi (Tel Aviv University), When the State Winks: The Performance of Jewish Conversion in Israel (Columbia University Press, 2017).

2016: Kimberly A. Arkin (Boston University), Rhinestones, Religion, and the Republic: Fashioning Jewishness in France (Stanford University Press, 2014). (Association for Jewish Studies)

National Jewish Book Awards outstanding English-language books of Jewish interest (Jewish Book Council)

American Jewish Studies

2020: Lau­ra Arnold Leibman, The Art of the Jew­ish Fam­i­ly: A His­to­ry of Women in Ear­ly New York in Five Objects (Bard Graduate Center, 2020).

2019: Kenneth D. Wald, The Foun­da­tions of Amer­i­can Jew­ish Liberalism (Cambridge University Press, 2019).

2018: Jack Wertheimer, The New Amer­i­can Judaism: How Jews Prac­tice Their Reli­gion Today (Princeton University Press, 2018).

2017: Shari Rabin, Jews on the Fron­tier: Reli­gion and Mobil­i­ty in Nine­teenth-Cen­tu­ry America (NYU Press, 2017).

2016: Roger Horowitz, Kosher USA: How Coke Became Kosher and Other Tales of Modern Food (Columbia Univ. Press, 2016).

Book of the Year

2020: Jonathan Sacks, Moral­i­ty: Restor­ing the Com­mon Good in Divid­ed Times (Basic Books, 2020).

2019: Pamela S. Nadell, Amer­i­ca’s Jew­ish Women: A His­to­ry from Colo­nial Times to Today (W. W. Norton & Company, 2019). 

2018: Beate Klarsfeld, Serge Klarsfeld, and Sam Taylor (translator), Hunt­ing the Truth: Mem­oirs of Beate and Serge Klarsfeld (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2018). 

2017: Francine Klags­brun, Lioness: Gol­da Meir and the Nation of Israel (Schock­en, 2017).

2016: Daniel Gordis, Israel: A Con­cise His­to­ry of a Nation Reborn (Ecco, 2016). 

Education and Jewish Identity

2020: Sarah Bunin Benor, Jonathan B. Krasner, and Sharon Avni, Hebrew Infu­sion: Language and Community at American Jewish Summer Camps (Rutgers University Press, 2020). 

2019: Deb­o­rah E. Lipstadt, Anti­semitism: Here and Now (Schocken, 2019). 

2018: Bar­ry Scott Wimpfheimer, The Tal­mud - A Biography: Banned, Censored and Burned, The Book They Couldn’t Suppress (Bloomsbury Continuum, 2014).

2017: Steven Weitzman, The Ori­gin of the Jews: The Quest for Roots in a Root­less Age (Prince­ton Uni­ver­si­ty Press, 2017).

2016: Mike Uram, Next Gen­er­a­tion Judaism: How Col­lege Stu­dents and Hil­lel Can Help Rein­vent Jew­ish Organizations (Jew­ish Lights, 2016). 


2020: Lau­ra Arnold Leibman, The Art of the Jew­ish Fam­i­ly: A His­to­ry of Women in Ear­ly New York in Five Objects (Bard Graduate Center, 2020).

2019: Daniel Okrent, The Guard­ed Gate: Big­otry, Eugen­ics, and the Law That Kept Two Gen­er­a­tions of Jews, Ital­ians, and Oth­er Euro­pean Immi­grants Out of America (Scribner, 2019).

2018: Ronen Bergman, Rise and Kill First: The Secret His­to­ry of Israel’s Tar­get­ed Assassinations (Random House, 2018).

2017: Yair Mintzk­er, The Many Deaths of Jew Suss: The Noto­ri­ous Tri­al and Exe­cu­tion of an Eigh­teenth-Cen­tu­ry Court Jew (Prince­ton Uni­ver­si­ty Press, 2017). 

2016: Uri Bar-Joseph, The Angel: The Egypt­ian Spy Who Saved Israel (Harper­Collins, 2016). 


2020: Faris Cas­sell, The Unan­swered Let­ter: One Holo­caust Fam­i­ly’s Des­per­ate Plea for Help (Regnery History, 2020).

2019: Michael Dobbs, The Unwant­ed: Amer­i­ca, Auschwitz, and a Vil­lage Caught In Between (Knopf, 2019).

2018: Omer Bartov, Anato­my of a Geno­cide: The Life and Death of a Town Called Buczacz (Simon & Schuster, 2018).

2017: David E. Fishman, The Book Smug­glers: Par­ti­sans, Poets, and the Race to Save Jew­ish Trea­sures from the Nazis (ForeEdge, 2018).

2016: Michael Bazyler, Holo­caust, Geno­cide, and the Law: A Quest for Jus­tice in a Post-Holo­caust World (Oxford Uni­ver­si­ty Press, 2016). 

 Modern Jewish Thought and Identity

2020: Jonathan Sacks, Moral­i­ty: Restor­ing the Com­mon Good in Divid­ed Times (Basic Books, 2020).

2019: Elis­sa Bemporad, Lega­cy of Blood: Jews, Pogroms, and Rit­u­al Mur­der in the Lands of the Soviets (Oxford University Press, 2019).

2018: Alan L. Mittleman, Does Judaism Con­done Vio­lence? Holi­ness and Ethics in the Jew­ish Tradition (Princeton University Press, 2018). 

2017: Gideon Reuveni, Con­sumer Cul­ture and the Mak­ing of Mod­ern Jew­ish Identity (Cam­bridge Uni­ver­si­ty Press, 2017).

2016: Miriam Udel, Nev­er Bet­ter!: The Mod­ern Jew­ish Picaresque (Uni­ver­si­ty of Michi­gan Press, 2016).


2020: Sarit Kattan Gribetz, Time and Dif­fer­ence in Rab­binic Judaism (Princeton University Press, 2020).

2019: Eric Lawee, Rashi’s Com­men­tary on the Torah: Can­on­iza­tion and Resis­tance in the Recep­tion of a Jew­ish Classic (Oxford University Press, 2019). 

2018: Marcin WodziƄski, His­tor­i­cal Atlas of Hasidism (Princeton University Press, 2018).

2017: Dov Weiss, Pious Irrev­er­ence: Con­fronting God in Rab­binic Judaism (Uni­ver­si­ty of Penn­syl­va­nia Press, 2016).

2016: Benjamin R. Gampel, Anti-Jew­ish Riots in the Crown of Aragon and the Roy­al Response 1391 – 1392 (Cam­bridge Uni­ver­si­ty Press, 2016). 

Sephardic Culture

2020: Devi Mays, Forg­ing Ties, Forg­ing Pass­ports: Migra­tion and the Mod­ern Sephar­di Diaspora (Stanford University Press, 2020).

2019: Joshua Cole, Lethal Provo­ca­tion: The Con­stan­tine Mur­ders and the Pol­i­tics of French Algeria (Cornell University Press, 2019).

2018: Jonathan Decter, Domin­ion Built of Praise: Pan­e­gyric and Legit­i­ma­cy Among Jews in the Medieval Mediterranean (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018).

2017: Jessica M. Marglin, Across Legal Lines: Jews and Mus­lims in Mod­ern Morocco (Yale Uni­ver­si­ty Press, 2016).

2016: Sarah Abrevaya Stein, Extraterritorial Dreams: Europe Citizenship, Sephardi Jews, and the Ottoman Twentieth Century (University of Chicago Press, 2016). 

Women's Studies

2020: Lau­ra Arnold Leibman, The Art of the Jew­ish Fam­i­ly: A His­to­ry of Women in Ear­ly New York in Five Objects (Bard Graduate Center, 2020).

2019: Naomi Seidman, Sarah Schenir­er and the Bais Yaakov Movement: A Revolution in the Name of Tradition (Liverpool University Press, 2019).

2018: Alice Shalvi, Nev­er a Native (Halban Publishers, 2019).

2017: Eve Krakowski, Com­ing of Age in Medieval Egypt: Female Ado­les­cence, Jew­ish Law, and Ordi­nary Culture (Prince­ton Uni­ver­si­ty Press, 2017).

2016: Rabbi Rebecca Einstein Schorr, Rabbi Alysa Mendelson Graf, eds., The Sacred Calling: Four Decades of Women in the Rabbinate (CCAR Press, 2016).  

Saul Viener Prize books that focus on the history of the Jews in America (American Jewish Historical Society)

2019: Kirsten Fermaglich, A Rosenberg By Any Other Name: A History of Jewish Name Changing in America (NYU Press, 2018).

2017: Noam Pianko, Jewish Peoplehood: An American Innovation (Rutgers University Press, 2015). 

Fiction Awards: Jewish Studies

Edward Lewis Wallant Award Jewish writer, preferably unrecognized, whose published creative work of fiction is deemed to have significance for the American Jew (Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies)

2020: Lee Conell, The Party Upstairs (Penguin Press, 2020: ).

2019: Peter Orner, Maggie Brown & Others (Brown and Company, 2019).

2018: Eduardo Halfon, Mourning (Bellevue Literary Press, 2018).

2017: Margot Singer, Underground Fugue (Melville House, 2017).

2016: Ayelet Tsabari, The Best Place on Earth (Random House, 2016). 

Jewish Fiction Award works of fiction with significant Jewish thematic content written in English by a single author (Association of Jewish Libraries)

2021: Max Gross, The Lost Shtetl (HarperVia, 2020: ).

2020: Goldie Goldbloom, On Division (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2019).

2019: Mark Sarvas, Memento Park (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2018).

2018: Rachel Kadish, The Weight of Ink (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018).

National Jewish Book Award - Fiction outstanding English-language books of Jewish interest (Jewish Book Council)

2020: Colum McCann,  Apeirogon (Random House, 2020: ).

2019: Etgar Keret, Fly Already (Granta Books, 2019).

2018: Michael David Lukas, The Last Watch­man of Old Cairo (Random House, 2018).

2017: David Grossman and Jessica Cohen, A Horse Walks into a Bar (Knopf, 2017).

2016: Rose Tremain, The Gus­tav Sonata (W. W. Nor­ton & Company, 2016).