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Faculty Purchase Request Form for Streaming Media

Instructors, please use this form to submit requests for item-specific, library-supported streaming media.

How to Request Streaming Media For Course Use

The Libraries welcome Faculty requests for streaming media that supports coursework and instructional use. 

  1. Faculty are asked to check OneSearch prior to assigning a film. Currently-licensed streaming content is cataloged and its OneSearch record contains an access URL and, if applicable, the license expiration date. The video you want may already be available through the Libraries. 
  2. Fill out the Course Reserves form to request that the library license a film for our collection. It is best if every faculty member adds the film to their own Reading List (course reserves) so the Libraries know it is being used. For questions, contact your subject librarian or email

*Institutional streaming rights differ from those available to individuals, so some titles may not be available for library purchase. Please submit your request with ample lead time for the library to acquire streaming rights. 

Video Tutorial


Before requesting the Libraries license or renew access to a specific title, please refer to the following guidelines:

DVDs via Zoom

  • Copyright permits faculty to show a DVD via Zoom as long as it is a one-time/live showing just to students (not recorded for later viewing). 
  • For help with playing DVDs on your computer and sharing your screen over Zoom, or to borrow a DVD player, ask for assistance at the IT Help Desk.

Note re: Class Viewing of Licensed Titles

  • To determine copyright permissions for sharing a streaming video over Zoom, contact your librarian liaison.
  • Please note that some streaming video services do not work well for shared group viewing over Moodle or Zoom. Students can view the film on their own without problem, but the video may break up or be unworkable over a shared screen. The library is only aware of this problem on one library-supported video platform, Swank Digital Campus. It is advisable in such cases to ask students to watch a film before the class.
  • If faculty request a film for class and it is only available on a platform with this known issue, faculty will be notified prior to the library licensing the title. 


  • Works that you might see in film festivals and screenings are generally not available for purchase with institutional licensing or public performance rights, as those venues are meant to find distribution to the commercial market.

  • Current documentary and commercial content, whether seen on television, in theaters or through streaming sites like HBO, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and Hulu, are usually not available for purchase with institutional licensing or public performance rights.

  • Many students may already have memberships to sites like Hulu, Netflix, iTunes and Amazon Video. If a work is available through these platforms, please discuss these options with your students.

Cost and License Terms

  • Streaming rights are expensive and often temporary; please limit your requests to media that is required coursework.  

  • Media found on YouTube will not comply with terms of copyright usage and security standards.

  • Most streaming video is leased content.

  • It is not always possible to acquire permissions or licenses for every streaming media request.


  • Whenever possible, streaming media is cataloged for discovery in OneSearch. Faculty can then share the OneSearch link with their students.

  • If licensing does not permit a title to be cataloged, the film will be added to the professor's Moodle Panopto block.

  • Faculty will receive an email with relevant instructions when streaming media is available for use.


  • It is legal to show a complete film during regular class time where only enrolled students and the instructor are present, if you possess a lawful copy of the film.

  • Copyright for streaming media can be complex and detailed.  

  • For more information on these guidelines and policies, please refer to the Copyright and Fair Use for Faculty LibGuide.


  • If you require assistance finding relevant media for your subject area, contact your Subject Librarian.

  • For assistance with Panopto or Moodle, please contact the Faculty Center for Professional Excellence (FCPE).

Submitting Requests

Before submitting requests, please consider the following information:

  • When and where do you expect to use the work?

  • How long you expect to use the work, i.e. one semester or every year?

  • Does more than one faculty member plan to use the work?

  • Does the film need to be in streaming format or can you use a DVD?

Copyright information for Streaming Videos can be found on the University Libraries' Copyright and Fair Use for Faculty LibGuide.