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Adelphi Library Proxy Services: Home

Information about EZProxy use for electronic resources at Adelphi.

Proxy Migration Warning

⚠️ Library proxy URLs will change after August 1, 2022. Old proxy links may cease to work after that time. Please update any links in course materials for Fall 2022. See the instructions in this guide under "Proxy Migration."

About EZProxy

EZProxy is the proxy software that Adelphi University Libraries uses to provide protected access to most of the library's electronic resources. Adelphi community, including students, faculty, and alumni, can enter their university's username and password to access the library's electronic resources.

Having difficulties? See our FAQs about EZProxy Issues and Troubleshooting.


Proxy Migration

Due to changes in Adelphi University Libraries infrastructure, starting on August 1, 2022, links to electronic resources provided by the Libraries will be changing. Links that start with “” will be changed to the form, “”.

For example, the link to access Ebook Central:
will become:


If you use library-proxied links (e.g., in your faculty profile, Moodle, or other instructional materials), please modify them to use the host instead of You are encouraged to locate any such URLs but wait until August 1st as changes made before this time may not work.

If you have any questions or if you find the new links do not work after the changeover, please contact Adelphi University Libraries ( for assistance.

Converting Regular URLs to Library Proxy URLs

URLs (internet addresses) for journals and other resources can be converted to proxy URLs by adding the URL as a query string using the LibProxy host prefix, thus creating a new URL containing the original one. For example, this journal article URL:

can be made into a library-proxied URL by putting it after the equals sign of this URL:

to make

Using this URL you should be able to sign in with Adelphi University credentials and obtain full access to the article (if applicable). 

EZProxy Bookmarklet

You can make use of a "bookmarklet" in a browser to automate the conversion of any URL to an Adelphi University Libraries-proxied URL. A bookmarklet is a snippet of Javascript that is saved as a bookmark in the browser, preferably in the bookmark bar at the top. (If the bookmark bar is not visible you may need to configure your browser to not hide it.)  

To install the Adelphi University Libraries' EZProxy bookmarklet in your browser:

  1. Drag the following link to your bookmark bar: Adelphi EZProxy
  2. When you are viewing a journal article or other resource on the web, click this bookmarklet and it will automatically apply Adelphi University Libraries's proxy to the current address. If Adelphi University Libraries provides access to the resource, you should then be able to access full text or other features previously not available.