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Library Student Worker Libguide


Record Time

Record any time that you have worked. You should record all time after each shift. If you forget and do not fill in your hours, you will not get paid.

  • Record your hours worked on ECampus/CLASS/mytimecard/ Log-in with credentials
  • Each time you come to work, log in and record your hours. This saves time for when timesheets are due.
  • Enter in the hours for time in and time out. 
  • Do not hit submit until the end of the two week pay period.

Shift Obligation

 Please stick with your prearranged schedule.  We do understand that school comes first, so if you have a school commitment and need time off, please email your supervisor as soon as you know.  

Please be responsible for your scheduled shifts. 

Please note, not showing up for your shift without notifying us is grounds for dismissal.