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Prof. Muratov's Research Project Guidelines

General Guidelines for the Research Project


Here is some basic information that your presentation should contain (feel free to add whatever you think would be suitable)


  • Be sure to start collecting the information about you research subject (monument) as early as possible


  • Start collecting the images of your monument(s) as well as other relevant images


  • When you obtain the VERY BASIC information about your monument – do meet with me for a discussion



BASIC INFORMATION for presentation:


Name of Artifact


Artist (if known; otherwise you can discuss what is known about this general category of artists/artisans that presumably made this object)


Date (how is that particular date is determined: contextually; stylistically, etc.)


Location (where is it located geographically)


Material(s) (what it was made of and how)






  • Technical Aspects (how was it made; what media and techniques were employed)


  • Iconography
    • Who/what it represents?
    • How does it represent what it represents – what elements of visual language are employed to convey particular message(s)?
    • Be sure to ask ‘why’ all the time




  • Levels of Meaning
    • Why was the monument built? What was/is its function?
    • Why was it built/made the way it was? Where does it belong stylistically?
    • How does this work fit into the oeuvre of a particular artist (if the artist is known)? How does this work fit into the works produced at the time? (Is it typical of the artist/time period/geographical area?)
    • How and why did it change overtime? Did it? If yes, why? If no, why?
    • How was it understood when it was first made?
    • How was it interpreted/understood in subsequent times?
    • Were there any particular reasons for making it the way it was made?
    • Is there any symbolism in the representation? What is it?
    • How people contemporary to the object would have understood it? What message(s) would it convey to them?
    • How do people understand it/interpret it nowadays? What message(s) does it convey to people nowadays?
    • Can the elements of any kind of propaganda be detected? (political, social, religious, historical, etc.)


Setting Where and how is the monument placed/displayed?

Where is it located and what is it surrounded by? How is it related to its surroundings? Do the surroundings/location add any additional meaning/understanding to the possible interpretation/messages of the monument?


Patronage Who and why commissioned this monument? Was it a public or private commission? Are there any implications of the patronage?




Bibliography (list of books and articles used in research)

(We will discuss what an annotated bibliography is)