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Voting and Election Guide

Guide to the U.S. electoral system with a focus on upcoming elections and how to register and vote.

Distinguishing between Popular and Scholarly Sources

When your instructors assign research projects, they frequently will instruct you to use only scholarly or peer-reviewed sources. The video below, produced by the Hartness Library in Vermont, shows you how to distinguish between scholarly and popular articles.

In addition, you can click on the link below to access a page that will explain in greater detail the differences between scholarly, trade, and popular sources.

Popular, Scholarly and Trade Journals

What are Databases?

What are databases, and why do I need to use them? 

   Database Logos 

A library database is a tool to help you find articles--quality information in publications such as academic journals, newspapers, and magazines. In the library the word "database" usually refers to a subscription service that provides many titles under one name. Libraries subscribe to many databases, similarly to how you would subscribe to multiple magazines or newspapers.

Click on the video below for additional information on why and how to use databases in your research.