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Copyright and Fair Use for Faculty

Background of copyright and fair use for educators, with an emphasis on FAQs for using library and other resources in compliance with copyright law. This site is not legal advice, and the authors are not legal counsel to the university.

Posting on Moodle

Linking to licensed materials that are already lawfully available on the Internet or in library databases is legally sound and doesn't raise the copyright questions that would ensue from posting a PDF copy of an article. Linking is different than making a copy of an article and putting it on Moodle since such copies can be printed and distributed and are not linked back to the source of the article.

Please refer to this Finding & Using Permalinks guide for linking to our eresources.

Adelphi University Libraries provides access to numerous full-text journal and e-book databases, and licenses have been negotiated that permit linking, printing, and other necessary uses in the educational setting. Your library liaison can help you locate materials and show you how to make links to them in Moodle.

Aside from such articles, instructional materials may be posted to Moodle if the instructor is the copyright owner of the material or if the copyright owner of the material granted permission to do so.  Fair use analysis may also allow an instructor to post portions of a copyrighted item on Moodle. Material in the public domain can also be posted on Moodle without concern for copyright infringement.  In no cases can material that was obtained through interlibrary loan be posted on Moodle.