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Copyright and Fair Use for Faculty

Background of copyright and fair use for educators, with an emphasis on FAQs for using library and other resources in compliance with copyright law. This site is not legal advice, and the authors are not legal counsel to the university.

Interlibrary Loan (Smart Delivery)

Materials made available via Interlibrary Loan is to support research, teaching, and scholarly activities of the University community. Interlibrary Loan copyright activities are governed by Section 108 of U.S. copyright law.

The CONTU (National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyright Works) Guidelines on Interlibrary Loan is the basis for the reproduction limits.

Within a calendar year, the borrowing library is allowed to obtain an institutional total of 5 photocopies of articles published within the past 5 yrs of the current year for any given journal or periodical title.

Users are expected to conform to copyright policy in their use of materials. Materials obtained through Interlibrary loan should not be reproduced for further distribution and CANNOT be placed on reserve.  However, faculty can contact their subject liaison librarian for ordering material to be placed on reserve.

The library reserves the right to refuse or limit requests, if, in its judgment, the fulfillment of the requested material exceeds fair use or constitute copyright infringement.

Adelphi Dissertations

Adelphi University theses and dissertations may be copied under the provision of Fair Use, U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. Section 107 or as determined using a case-by-case four-factor analysis.

Requests for photocopies of an Adelphi thesis in its entirety and housed in the University Library will only be honored when accompanied by the written permission of the author and submitted to the University Archivist. Complete copies of Adelphi theses and dissertations may be ordered from ProQuest directly.