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Educators & Students with Learning Disabilities: LD Books for Children & Young Adults

Useful for elementary and secondary administrators, librarians, classroom teachers, and parents and students with Learning Disabilities


Children & Young Adult Books on LDs and Related Conditions

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Young Adult & Children's Books About Learning Disabilities

Children & Young Adult Books about Learning Disabilities


Trapped. A Novel by Judy Spurr

image - Trapped"A short, empathetic novel for middle-schoolers
that addresses learning disabilities and bullying...nicely executed fiction with a neatly-resolved ending that will leave readers smiling." -Kirkus Reviews

School is difficult for Jamie--dyslexia not only makes coursework a challenge, but he is often bullied at school. Spurr, a former reading teacher enters the real-life day to day struggles of kids with dyslexia and shows how friendships and perserverence can change a life. The book is written appropriatly for young people, but parents will learn something, too of both the academic and social challenges kids face. The book offers lots of food for thoughtful discussion between parents and kids or kids in a classroom or book club setting.