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Useful for elementary and secondary administrators, librarians, classroom teachers, and parents and students with Learning Disabilities

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Some interesting "LD & Schools" Journal Articles

Selected Journal Articles on Students with Learning Disabilities

Black, Nancy E. "Blessing or Curse? Distance Delivery to Students with Invisible Disabilities." Journal of Library Administration. 41:1/2, 2004. 47-64.

Blue, Elfreda V., and Dara Pace. "UD and UDL: Paving the Way toward Inclusion and Independence in the School Library." Knowledge Quest. 39:3, 2011. 48-55.

Chenfeld, Mimi Brodsky, and Venina Carr Haley. "Letter Writing and Book Learning: Advice from Special Education Teachers." Voices from the Middle School. 12:4, 2005. 21-24.

Creamer, Debbie. "Universal Instructional Design for Libraries." Colorado Libraries. 33:4, 2007. 12-12-15.

Cutting, L.E., Clements-Stephens, A., Pugh, S., Cao, A., Pekar, J.J., Davis, N., Rimrodt, S.L. "Not all reading disabilities are dyslexia: distinct neurobiology of specific comprehension deficits.: Brain Connect. 3(2), 2013. 199-211.

Dimitrrovsky, Lilly, Hedva Spector, and Rachel Levy-Shiff, and Eli Vakil. "Interpretations of Facial Expressions of Affect in Children with Learning Disabilities with Verbal or Nonverbal Deficits." Journal of Learning Disabilities. 31:3, 1998. 286-312.

Downingm, Joyce Anderson. "Media Centers and Special Education: Introduction to the Special Issue." Intervention in School and Clinic. 42:2, 2006. 67-77.

Guild, Sandy. "LD Accommodations in the School Library." Knowledge Quest. 37:1, 2008. 24-29.

Jouzalitis, Vida. "Serving the Needs of Our Students with LD in the School Library." School Libraries in Canada. 23:3, 2004. 34-48.

Jurkowski, Odin L. "The Library as a Support System for Students." Intervention in School and Clinic. 42:2, 2006. 78-83.

Lavoie, Richard D. How Difficult Can this Be? The F.A.T. City Workshop. DVD (70 min). 1989.

Martinez, Rebecca S., and Margaret Semrud-Clikeman. "Emotional Adjustment and School Functioning of Young Adolescents with Multiple Versus Single Learning Disabilities." Journal of Learning Disability. 37:5, 2004. 411-420.

Meltzer, Lynn J., et al. "The Impact of Effort and Strategy Use on Academic Performance: Student and Teacher Perceptions." Learning Disability Quarterly. 24, 2001. 85-98.

Meltzer, Lynn, and Marjorie Montague. "Strategic Learning in Students with Learning Disabilities: What Have We Learned?" Chapter 7 in Research and Global Perspectives in Learning Disabilities: Essays in Honor of William J. Cruickshank. Daniel P. Hallahan and Barbara K. Keogh, eds. Mahwah, N.J.: L. Erlbaum Associates, 2000.

Murray, Janet. "Teaching Information Skills to Students with Disabilities: What Works?" School Libraries Worldwide. 7:2, 2001. 1-16.

Russell, Ginny, and Zsuzsa Pavelka. "Co-Occurrence of Developmental Disorders: Children Who Share Symptoms of Autism, Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder." Chapter 17 in Recent Advances in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Volume I. Michael Fitzgerald, ed. 2013. At

Scanlon, David, and Diana Baker. "An Accommodations Model for the Secondary Inclusive Classroom." Learning Disability Quarterly. 35:4, 2012. 212-224.

Shaywitz, Sally F., Robin Morris, and Bennett A. Shaywitz. "The Education of Dyslexic Children from Childhood through Young Adulthood."  Annual Review of Psychology. 59. 2008. 451-475.

Smith, Lora Lee, Karen Voytecki, Alan Zambone, and Jami Jones."School Librarians: The Forgotten Partners." Teaching Exceptional Children. 2011.

Subramaniam, Mega. "School Libraries as Ambassadors of Inclusion Information Access for Students with Disabilities." School Library Research. 2012. 1-34.

Van, Marcus. "Movement in Learning: Revitalizing the Classroom. "(2012) SAYMAT Individual Thesis/SMAT IPP Collection.

Whelan, Debra Lau. "The Equal Opportunity Disorder." School Library Journal. 55:8, 2009. 14+.

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