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Instructor Resources

46th conference: February 14, 2019 conference: Punishment and Incarceration in Historical Perspective."

Voices: memoirs from Herstory inside Long Island's correctional facilities by Herstory Writer’s Workshop
ISBN: 9780982138595
Publication Date: 2012
Taking back our children: a reader to foster dialogue around youth justice reform by Herstory Writer’s Workshop
ISBN: 0989353303
Publication Date: 2013
The medieval prison : a social history by Guy Geltner
HV8532.I8 G45 2008
Prisons and prison systems : a global encyclopedia by Mitchel P. Roth.
HV8665 .R67 2006
The prison and the gallows : the politics of mass incarceration in America by Marie Gottschalk.
HV9471 .G67 2006
The little book of restorative justice for people in prison : rebuilding the web of relationships by Barb Toews.
HV8688 .T64 2006
Living in prison : a history of the correctional system with an insider's view by Stephen Stanko et al.
HV8705 .S73 2004
The rich get richer and the poor get prison : ideology, class, and criminal justice by Jeffrey Reiman.
HV9950 .R46 2004
Prison nation : the warehousing of America's poor edited by Tara Herivel and Paul Wright.
HV9471 .W36 2003
Women in prison : a reference handbook by Cyndi Banks.
HV9471 .B365 2003
A history of prison and confinement in Africa edited by Florence Bernault
HV9837 .H57 2003
Profiles from prison : adjusting to life behind bars by Michael Santos.
HV9468 .S246 2003
Women in prison : gender and social control by edited by Barbara H. Zaitzow, Jim Thomas.
HV9471 .W67 2003
 Prison sex : practice and policy by edited by Christopher Hensley
HV8836 .P78 2002
Prison gangs and racism behind bars by ABC News
HV9469 .S874 2002
Prison masculinities by Don Sabo, Terry A. Kupers, and Willie London
HV6089 .P74 2001
The American prison system by Peter G. Herman
HV9471 .A46 2001
Children with parents in prison : child welfare policy, program and practice issues by Cynthia Seymour
HV8886.U5 C55 2001
Letters from prison : voices of women murderers by Jennifer Furio
HV6046 .F87 2001
Voices from a southern prison by Lloyd C. Anderson
HV9475.K42 K453 2000
Prison madness : the mental health crisis behind bars and what we must do about it by Terry A. Kupers
RC451.4.P68 K87 1999
Counseling women in prison by Joycelyn M. Pollock
HV9276 .P58 1998
--and the poor get prison : economic bias in American criminal justice by Jeffrey Reiman
HV9950 .R458 1996
The Oxford history of the prison : the practice of punishment in western society by Norval Morris and David J. Rothman
HV8501 .O94 1995
The sun does shine : how I found life and freedom on death row by Anthony Ray Hinton, with Lara Love Hardin
KF224.H565 H56 2018
The end of policing by Alex S. Vitale
HV8139 .V58 2017
Locked in : the true causes of mass incarceration -- and how to achieve real reform by John F. Pfaff.
HV9471 .P449 2017
Caught up : girls, surveillance, and wraparound incarceration by Jerry Flores.
HV6046 .F55 2016
Caught : the prison state and the lockdown of American politics by Marie Gottschalk
HV9471 .G667 2015
Advancing criminology and criminal justice policy by Thomas G. Blomberg, Julie Mestre Brancale, Kevin M. Beaver and William D. Bales.
HV6025 .A358 2016
Contemporary youth activism : advancing social justice in the United States by Jerusha Conner and Sonia M. Rosen
HQ799.2.P6 C664 2016

The collapse of American criminal justice by William J. Stuntz.
HV7432 .S78 2011
Mandatory minimum sentencing by Margaret Haerens
KF9685 .M339 2010
America's prisons by Noah Berlatsky
HV9471 .A487 2010
The visiting suit : stories from my prison life by Xiaoda Xiao.
PS3624.I16 V57 2010
Locked up, locked out : young men in the juvenile justice system by Anne M. Nurse.
HV9104 .N873 2010      
Hidden truth : young men navigating lives in and out of juvenile prison by Adam D. Reich
HV9069 .R435 2010
White-collar crime by Kelly Wand
HV6769 .W46 2009

"Thrive for Life Prison Project." Interview with Father Zachary Presutti and Felix Pinero.
Felix Pinero, 37, is currently serving a 20-years-to-life sentence at Otisville for second-degree murder. He has been incarcerated for almost 19 years, and for him, Thrive has been transformational, serving as a safe space within what can often be a dangerous system. He says that one of the greatest strengths of the prison project is the unconditional love it provides for the incarcerated.