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SPA 412: Seminar in Spanish Literature

Research resources and guidance for Seminar in Spanish Literature, Spring 2020.

COVID-19 Closing FAQs

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Welcome to Adelphi University Libraries!

This LibGuide contains information and links to resources that should help you as you write your paper.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with me using the link on the left of this page. I am happy to work with you to help you find resources on your topic.

Find Articles

Use databases to search for articles on your topic. There is a list of suggested databases below.

If you have a citation for a specific article, try pasting the article title into OneSearch.

Find Articles in Databases

Multidisciplinary databases contain articles and materials on a variety of topics, rather than focusing on just one topic. These databases appear as suggested resources on multiple LibGuide pages because they contain materials that are helpful to researchers in multiple subject areas.

Find Specific Journals by Title

Use the library website's Journal Titles search tab to learn if we subscribe to a specific online journal (example: New Media & Society). After you click on "Search," you will see if we subscribe and to what years we have access, and go from there.

Another way to find out of we have online access to a specific journal is by clicking Find Journals with Browzine in the "Common Requests" section of the library website. You will be able to read the journal online if we subscribe.