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Native and Indigenous Studies

This guide highlights some of the resources available at Adelphi University Libraries related to Native and Indigenous Studies and beyond.

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Adelphi University Libraries uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification system to organize materials by subject, including those related to Native and Indigenous Studies (NAIS). The LOC classification system is inadequate because it does not allow for the specificity required in NAIS research and frequently situates NAIS materials in the History class (which does not reflect the fact that NAIS topics are also contemporary.) Below are multiple systems for knowledge organization used throughout the world to describe First Nations, Aboriginal, Native and Indigenous Studies topics. 

NAIS Subject Headings and Keywords

Abused Indian children
African Americans--Relations with Indians
Algonquian Indians
Algonquian Indians--First contact with Europeans
Algonquian Indians--Folklore
Algonquian Indians--Religion
Algonquian Indians--Social life and customs
Algonquian mythology
Allotting agents (Indian allotments)
American drama--Indian authors
American fiction--Indian authors
American literature--Indian authors
American poetry--Indian authors
American prose literature--Indian authors
Argentine poetry--Indian authors
Art, Mexican--Indian influences
Art--Indian influences
Arts, Modern--Indian influences
Athapascan art
Athapascan beadwork
Athapascan embroidery
Athapascan Indians
Athapascan Indians--Asian influences
Athapascan Indians--Western influences
Athapascan languages
Athapascan mythology
Athapascan women
Athapascan youth
Autobiographies--Indian authors
Bible stories, Ojibwa
Blacks--Relations with Indians
Caciques (Indian leaders)
Canada--Civilization--Indian influences
Canadian drama--Indian authors
Canadian fiction--Indian authors
Canadian literature--Indian authors
Canadian poetry--Indian authors
Canadian prose literature--Indian authors
Children's poetry, Indian
Chipewyan Indians
Chipewyan mythology
Christian art and symbolism--Mexico--Indian influences
Church work with Indians
Civilization--Indian influences
Cree Indians
Cree Indians in art
Cree Indians--Wars
Cree mythology
Cuba--Civilization--Indian influences
Dakota Indians
Dakota Indians in art
Dakota Indians in literature
Dakota Indians--Antiquities
Dakota Indians--Folklore
Dakota Indians--Government relations
Dakota Indians--Land tenure
Dakota Indians--Missions
Dakota Indians--Poetry
Dakota Indians--Politics and government
Dakota Indians--Religion
Dakota Indians--Treaties
Dakota Indians--Wars
Dakota Indians--Wars, 1862-1865
Dakota Indians--Wars, 1876
Dakota Indians--Wars, 1890-1891
Dakota mythology
Dominican Republic--Civilization--Indian influences
English literature--Indian influences
Eskimo dogs
Eskimos--Canada, Northern
Eskimos--Northwest Territories
Europe--Civilization--Indian influences
Ex-slaves of Indian tribes
Extinguishment of Indian title
Federal aid to Indians
Feminism--Indian influences
Folk literature, Indian
Folk songs, Indian
French-Canadian fiction--Indian authors
French-Canadian poetry--Indian authors
Gifted Indian children
Government aid to Indians
Hymns, Ojibwa
Indian activists
Indian aesthetics
Indian air pilots
Indian allotments
Indian allotments--Law and legislation
Indian allottees
Indian anthropologists
Indian architecture
Indian architecture--Central America
Indian architecture--Conservation and restoration
Indian architecture--Conservation and restoration--North America
Indian architecture--Mexico
Indian architecture--North America
Indian architecture--South America
Indian armor
Indian armor--Mexico
Indian armor--North America
Indian armor--South America
Indian art
Indian art--20th century
Indian art--Central America
Indian art--Great Plains
Indian artisans
Indian artists
Indian artists--United States
Indian art--Mexico
Indian art--North America
Indian art--North America--Endowments
Indian art--North America--Exhibitions
Indian art--Panama
Indian arts
Indian arts--Law and legislation
Indian arts--North America
Indian arts--North America--Management
Indian art--South America
Indian astrology
Indian astronauts
Indian astronomy
Indian astronomy--Central America
Indian astronomy--Mexico
Indian astronomy--North America
Indian astronomy--South America
Indian athletes
Indian authors
Indian ballerinas
Indian baseball players
Indian basket makers
Indian basketball players
Indian baskets
Indian baskets--North America
Indian baskets--South America
Indian beadwork
Indian blankets
Indian boys
Indian business enterprises
Indian business enterprises--Finance
Indian business enterprises--Finance--Law and legislation
Indian business enterprises--Law and legislation
Indian businesspeople
Indian calendar
Indian calendar--North America
Indian calendar--South America
Indian captivities
Indian captivities in motion pictures
Indian cartography
Indian cartography--North America
Indian Catholics
Indian children
Indian children with disabilities
Indian children--Central America
Indian children--Institutional care
Indian children--Legal status, laws, etc.
Indian children--Legal status, laws, etc.--North America
Indian children--Mexico
Indian children--North America
Indian children's writings
Indian children--South America
Indian chronology
Indian civic leaders
Indian clubs
Indian code talkers
Indian college graduates
Indian college students
Indian college teachers
Indian comedians
Indian cooking
Indian cooks
Indian copperwork
Indian cordage
Indian cosmology
Indian councils
Indian courts
Indian cowboys
Indian craft
Indian criminals
Indian dance
Indian dance in art
Indian dance lodges
Indian dance--Central America
Indian dance--Law and legislation
Indian dance--Mexico
Indian dance--North America
Indian dancers
Indian dance--South America
Indian dance--Southwest, New
Indian decoration and ornament
Indian dentists
Indian dolls
Indian drama
Indian drawing
Indian educators
Indian embroidery
Indian embroidery--North America
Indian entertainers
Indian ethics
Indian families
Indian fashion designers
Indian featherwork
Indian featherwork--North America
Indian film festivals
Indian football players
Indian foster children
Indian gangs
Indian gays
Indian girls
Indian goddesses
Indian goddesses--Andes Region
Indian goddesses--Arctic regions
Indian goldwork
Indian goldwork--North America
Indian grandmothers
Indian handicraft industries
Indian healers
Indian high school students
Indian HIV-positive women
Indian hobbyists
Indian hockey players
Indian homeless persons
Indian illustrators
Indian imprints
Indian incantations
Indian infants
Indian inspectors
Indian intellectuals
Indian interpreters
Indian jewelers
Indian journalists
Indian judges
Indian land transfers
Indian leadership
Indian leatherwork
Indian ledger drawings
Indian legislators
Indian lesbians
Indian literature
Indian literature--United States
Indian magic
Indian magic--Central America
Indian magic--North America
Indian magic--South America
Indian masks
Indian masks--Central America
Indian masks--Mexico
Indian masks--North America
Indian masks--Northwest Coast of North America
Indian masks--South America
Indian mass media
Indian men
Indian metal-work
Indian metal-work--Central America
Indian metal-work--Mexico
Indian metal-work--North America
Indian metal-work--South America
Indian military personnel
Indian models
Indian mothers
Indian motion picture actors and actresses
Indian motion picture producers and directors
Indian motion pictures
Indian mural painting and decoration
Indian museum curators
Indian musicians
Indian mythology
Indian mythology in literature
Indian mythology--Central America
Indian mythology--Mexico
Indian mythology--North America
Indian mythology--South America
Indian mythology--West Indies
Indian newspapers
Indian numeration
Indian nuns
Indian nurses
Indian orphanages
Indian outlaws
Indian painters
Indian painting
Indian painting--North America
Indian parents
Indian periodicals
Indian philosophy
Indian philosophy--North America
Indian philosophy--South America
Indian photographers
Indian physicians
Indian poetry
Indian poets
Indian potters
Indian pottery
Indian pottery--Central America
Indian pottery--Mexico
Indian pottery--North America
Indian pottery--South America
Indian pottery--Southwest, New
Indian pottery--West Indies
Indian Presbyterians
Indian press
Indian prints
Indian prisoners
Indian proverbs
Indian quiltmakers
Indian quilts
Indian radio stations
Indian religious leaders
Indian reservations--Alberta
Indian reservations--British Columbia
Indian reservations--Manitoba
Indian reservations--New Brunswick
Indian reservations--Northwest Territories
Indian reservations--Ontario
Indian reservations--Prince Edward Island
Indian reservations--Québec (Province)
Indian reservations--Saskatchewan
Indian reservations--Yukon
Indian riddles
Indian roads
Indian roads--Andes Region
Indian roads--Central America
Indian roads--Mexico
Indian roads--Southwest, New
Indian sailors
Indian scholars
Indian school children
Indian scientists
Indian scouts
Indian sculptors
Indian sculpture
Indian sculpture--Central America
Indian sculpture--Mexico
Indian sculpture--North America
Indian sculpture--South America
Indian seals (Numismatics)
Indian seals (Numismatics)--Mexico
Indian sexual minorities
Indian shell engraving
Indian sign language
Indian silversmiths
Indian silverwork
Indian silverwork--North America
Indian slaveholders
Indian slaves
Indian soldiers
Indian student counselors
Indian students
Indian teachers
Indian teenagers
Indian textile fabrics
Indian textile fabrics--Central America
Indian textile fabrics--Mexico
Indian textile fabrics--North America
Indian textile fabrics--South America
Indian textile fabrics--Southwest, New
Indian theater
Indian title
Indian tourism
Indian toys
Indian traders
Indian trails
Indian trails--North America
Indian tribal prisons
Indian troops
Indian universities and colleges
Indian veterans
Indian weapons
Indian weapons--Mexico
Indian weapons--North America
Indian weapons--South America
Indian weavers
Indian weights and measures
Indian weights and measures--North America
Indian weights and measures--South America
Indian whalers
Indian wit and humor
Indian wit and humor, Pictorial
Indian women
Indian women activists
Indian women air pilots
Indian women artists
Indian women authors
Indian women basket makers
Indian women civic leaders
Indian women dramatists
Indian women educators
Indian women employees
Indian women healers
Indian women in art
Indian women in literature
Indian women in motion pictures
Indian women photographers
Indian women physicians
Indian women poets
Indian women potters
Indian women shamans
Indian women teachers
Indian women veterans
Indian women wood-carvers
Indian women--Central America
Indian women--Mexico
Indian women--North America
Indian women--South America
Indian wood-carving
Indian wood-carving--Central America
Indian wood-carving--Mexico
Indian wood-carving--North America
Indian wrestlers
Indian youth
Indian youth--North America
Indians as mascots
Indians in advertising
Indians in art
Indians in literature
Indians in mass media
Indians in medicine
Indians in military service
Indians in motion pictures
Indians in music
Indians in popular culture
Indians in radio broadcasting
Indians in rodeos
Indians in the Armed Forces
Indians in the motion picture industry
Indians in the performing arts
Indians of Central America
Indians of Central America--African influences
Indians of Central America--Agriculture
Indians of Central America--Anthropometry
Indians of Central America--Antiquities
Indians of Central America--Asian influences
Indians of Central America--Belize
Indians of Central America--Belize--Languages
Indians of Central America--Boats
Indians of Central America--Chinese influences
Indians of Central America--Clothing
Indians of Central America--Commerce
Indians of Central America--Costa Rica
Indians of Central America--Dwellings
Indians of Central America--El Salvador
Indians of Central America--First contact with Europeans
Indians of Central America--Funeral customs and rites
Indians of Central America--Games
Indians of Central America--Guatemala
Indians of Central America--Guatemala--Antiquities
Indians of Central America--Guatemala--Languages
Indians of Central America--Health and hygiene
Indians of Central America--Honduras
Indians of Central America--Honduras--Languages
Indians of Central America--Hunting
Indians of Central America--Industries
Indians of Central America--Labor service
Indians of Central America--Languages
Indians of Central America--Languages--Writing
Indians of Central America--Marriage customs and rites
Indians of Central America--Missions
Indians of Central America--Mixed descent
Indians of Central America--Music
Indians of Central America--Nicaragua
Indians of Central America--Panama
Indians of Central America--Religion
Indians of Central America--Rites and ceremonies
Indians of Central America--Social life and customs
Indians of Central America--Transportation
Indians of Central America--Urban residence
Indians of Central America--Wars
Indians of Central America--Wars--Nicaragua
Indians of Mexico
Indians of Mexico--African influences
Indians of Mexico--Agriculture
Indians of Mexico--Anthropometry
Indians of Mexico--Antiquities
Indians of Mexico--Bone carving
Indians of Mexico--Chinese influences
Indians of Mexico--Clothing
Indians of Mexico--Craniology
Indians of Mexico--Dentistry
Indians of Mexico--Diseases
Indians of Mexico--Education
Indians of Mexico--First contact with Europeans
Indians of Mexico--Fishing
Indians of Mexico--Folklore
Indians of Mexico--Funeral customs and rites
Indians of Mexico--Games
Indians of Mexico--Government relations
Indians of Mexico--Health and hygiene
Indians of Mexico--Implements
Indians of Mexico--Industries
Indians of Mexico--Kinship
Indians of Mexico--Labor service
Indians of Mexico--Land tenure
Indians of Mexico--Languages
Indians of Mexico--Languages--Writing
Indians of Mexico--Marriage customs and rites
Indians of Mexico--Medicine
Indians of Mexico--Missions
Indians of Mexico--Mixed descent
Indians of Mexico--Museums
Indians of Mexico--Music
Indians of Mexico--Pyramids
Indians of Mexico--Religion
Indians of Mexico--Rites and ceremonies
Indians of Mexico--Social life and customs
Indians of Mexico--Taxation
Indians of Mexico--Transpacific influences
Indians of Mexico--Urban residence
Indians of Mexico--Wars
Indians of North America
Indians of North America in textbooks
Indians of North America--African influences
Indians of North America--Agriculture
Indians of North America--Agriculture--Health aspects
Indians of North America--Alabama
Indians of North America--Alabama--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Alaska
Indians of North America--Alaska--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Alaska--Languages
Indians of North America--Alberta
Indians of North America--Alberta--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Alcohol use
Indians of North America--Alcohol use--Law and legislation
Indians of North America--Anecdotes
Indians of North America--Anthropometry
Indians of North America--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Antiquities--Collection and preservation
Indians of North America--Antiquities--Collectors and collecting
Indians of North America--Antiquities--Law and legislation
Indians of North America--Antiquities--Private collections
Indians of North America--Antiquities--Religious aspects
Indians of North America--Archives
Indians of North America--Arizona
Indians of North America--Arizona--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Arizona--Languages
Indians of North America--Arizona--Music
Indians of North America--Arkansas
Indians of North America--Arkansas--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Asian influences
Indians of North America--Attitudes
Indians of North America--Bibliography
Indians of North America--Biography
Indians of North America--Biography--Dictionaries
Indians of North America--Biography--History and criticism
Indians of North America--Boats
Indians of North America--British Columbia
Indians of North America--British Columbia--Antiquities
Indians of North America--British Columbia--Languages
Indians of North America--California
Indians of North America--California--Antiquities
Indians of North America--California--Languages
Indians of North America--Canada
Indians of North America--Canada, Eastern
Indians of North America--Canada, Northern
Indians of North America--Canada--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Canada--Government relations
Indians of North America--Census
Indians of North America--Chinese influences
Indians of North America--Civil rights
Indians of North America--Claims
Indians of North America--Claims against
Indians of North America--Clothing
Indians of North America--Colonization
Indians of North America--Colorado
Indians of North America--Colorado--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Commerce
Indians of North America--Communication
Indians of North America--Connecticut
Indians of North America--Craniology
Indians of North America--Crimes against
Indians of North America--Criminal justice system
Indians of North America--Cultural assimilation
Indians of North America--Delaware
Indians of North America--Dental care
Indians of North America--Dentistry
Indians of North America--Dictionaries
Indians of North America--Diseases
Indians of North America--Domestic animals
Indians of North America--Drama
Indians of North America--Drug use
Indians of North America--Dwellings
Indians of North America--East (U.S.)
Indians of North America--Economic conditions
Indians of North America--Education
Indians of North America--Education (Higher)
Indians of North America--Education--Law and legislation
Indians of North America--Egyptian influences
Indians of North America--Employment
Indians of North America--Employment--Law and legislation
Indians of North America--Encyclopedias
Indians of North America--Ethnic identity
Indians of North America--Ethnobotany
Indians of North America--Ethnozoology
Indians of North America--Exhibitions
Indians of North America--Extraterrestrial influences
Indians of North America--Fiction
Indians of North America--Finance
Indians of North America--Finance--Law and legislation
Indians of North America--First contact with Europeans
Indians of North America--Fishing
Indians of North America--Fishing--Law and legislation
Indians of North America--Florida
Indians of North America--Florida--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Florida--Languages
Indians of North America--Folklore
Indians of North America--Food
Indians of North America--Food--Southern States
Indians of North America--Foreign influences
Indians of North America--Funeral customs and rites
Indians of North America--Gambling
Indians of North America--Games
Indians of North America--Genealogy
Indians of North America--Georgia
Indians of North America--Georgia--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Government relations
Indians of North America--Government relations--1789-1869
Indians of North America--Government relations--1869-1934
Indians of North America--Government relations--1934-
Indians of North America--Government relations--To 1789
Indians of North America--Great Basin
Indians of North America--Great Basin--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Great Lakes Region (North America)
Indians of North America--Great Plains
Indians of North America--Great Plains--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Great Plains--Music
Indians of North America--Health and hygiene
Indians of North America--Health and hygiene--Law and legislation
Indians of North America--Hindu influences
Indians of North America--Historiography
Indians of North America--History
Indians of North America--History--16th century
Indians of North America--History--17th century
Indians of North America--History--18th century
Indians of North America--History--19th century
Indians of North America--History--20th century
Indians of North America--History--Chronology
Indians of North America--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
Indians of North America--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775
Indians of North America--History--Revolution, 1775-1783
Indians of North America--History--Study and teaching
Indians of North America--History--Textbooks
Indians of North America--Hospital care
Indians of North America--Hospitals
Indians of North America--Housing
Indians of North America--Housing--Finance
Indians of North America--Housing--Law and legislation
Indians of North America--Humor
Indians of North America--Hunting
Indians of North America--Hunting--Law and legislation
Indians of North America--Idaho
Indians of North America--Idaho--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Illinois
Indians of North America--Illinois--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Implements
Indians of North America--Indian Territory
Indians of North America--Indiana
Indians of North America--Indiana--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Industries
Indians of North America--Interviews
Indians of North America--Iowa
Indians of North America--Iowa--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Jewelry
Indians of North America--Kansas
Indians of North America--Kings and rulers
Indians of North America--Kinship
Indians of North America--Land tenure
Indians of North America--Languages
Indians of North America--Languages--Texts
Indians of North America--Languages--Writing
Indians of North America--Legal status, laws, etc.
Indians of North America--Legal status, laws, etc.--Oklahoma
Indians of North America--Library resources
Indians of North America--Louisiana
Indians of North America--Louisiana--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Louisiana--Languages
Indians of North America--Maine
Indians of North America--Maine--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Manitoba
Indians of North America--Manitoba--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Maps
Indians of North America--Maritime Provinces
Indians of North America--Maritime Provinces--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Marriage customs and rites
Indians of North America--Maryland
Indians of North America--Massachusetts
Indians of North America--Massachusetts--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Material culture
Indians of North America--Mathematics
Indians of North America--Medals
Indians of North America--Medical care
Indians of North America--Medical care--Law and legislation
Indians of North America--Medicine
Indians of North America--Medicine--Formulae, receipts, prescriptions
Indians of North America--Medicine--Southern States
Indians of North America--Mental health
Indians of North America--Mental health services
Indians of North America--Mental health services--Law and legislation
Indians of North America--Michigan
Indians of North America--Michigan--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Middle Atlantic States
Indians of North America--Middle West
Indians of North America--Migrations
Indians of North America--Minnesota
Indians of North America--Missions
Indians of North America--Mississippi
Indians of North America--Mississippi River Valley
Indians of North America--Mississippi--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Mississippi--Languages
Indians of North America--Missouri
Indians of North America--Missouri River Valley
Indians of North America--Missouri--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Mixed descent
Indians of North America--Mixed descent--Canada
Indians of North America--Money
Indians of North America--Montana
Indians of North America--Montana--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Mortality
Indians of North America--Museums
Indians of North America--Museums--Law and legislation
Indians of North America--Music
Indians of North America--Nebraska
Indians of North America--Nevada
Indians of North America--Nevada--Antiquities
Indians of North America--New Brunswick
Indians of North America--New England
Indians of North America--New England--Antiquities
Indians of North America--New Hampshire
Indians of North America--New Jersey
Indians of North America--New Mexico
Indians of North America--New Mexico--Antiquities
Indians of North America--New Mexico--Languages
Indians of North America--New York (State)
Indians of North America--Newfoundland and Labrador
Indians of North America--Newfoundland and Labrador--Languages
Indians of North America--Newspapers
Indians of North America--North Carolina
Indians of North America--North Dakota
Indians of North America--North Dakota--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Northeastern States
Indians of North America--Northwest Territories
Indians of North America--Northwest Territories--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Northwest, Pacific
Indians of North America--Nutrition
Indians of North America--Ohio
Indians of North America--Ohio--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Oklahoma
Indians of North America--Oklahoma--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Ontario
Indians of North America--Ontario--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Oregon
Indians of North America--Oregon--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Origin
Indians of North America--Pennsylvania
Indians of North America--Pensions
Indians of North America--Pictorial works
Indians of North America--Pictorial works--Exhibitions
Indians of North America--Poetry
Indians of North America--Politics and government
Indians of North America--Population
Indians of North America--Portraits
Indians of North America--Prairie Provinces
Indians of North America--Psychology
Indians of North America--Public opinion
Indians of North America--Public welfare
Indians of North America--Québec (Province)
Indians of North America--Recreation
Indians of North America--Religion
Indians of North America--Relocation
Indians of North America--Research
Indians of North America--Rhode Island
Indians of North America--Rites and ceremonies
Indians of North America--Saskatchewan
Indians of North America--Saskatchewan--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Scholarships, fellowships, etc.
Indians of North America--Semitic influences
Indians of North America--Services for
Indians of North America--Sexual behavior
Indians of North America--Social conditions
Indians of North America--Social life and customs
Indians of North America--Societies, etc.
Indians of North America--South Carolina
Indians of North America--South Dakota
Indians of North America--Southern States
Indians of North America--Southern States--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Southern States--Languages
Indians of North America--Southwest, New
Indians of North America--Southwest, New--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Southwest, New--Languages
Indians of North America--Sports
Indians of North America--Statistics
Indians of North America--Statistics, Vital
Indians of North America--Study and teaching
Indians of North America--Study and teaching--Activity programs
Indians of North America--Suffrage
Indians of North America--Suicidal behavior
Indians of North America--Taxation
Indians of North America--Taxation--Law and legislation
Indians of North America--Tennessee
Indians of North America--Tennessee--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Texas
Indians of North America--Texas--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Tobacco use
Indians of North America--Transatlantic influences
Indians of North America--Transpacific influences
Indians of North America--Transportation
Indians of North America--Trapping
Indians of North America--Treaties
Indians of North America--Tribal citizenship
Indians of North America--Urban residence
Indians of North America--Utah
Indians of North America--Utah--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Virginia
Indians of North America--Vocational education
Indians of North America--Warfare
Indians of North America--Wars
Indians of North America--Wars--1600-1750
Indians of North America--Wars--1750-1815
Indians of North America--Wars--1775-1783
Indians of North America--Wars--1790-1794
Indians of North America--Wars--1812-1815
Indians of North America--Wars--1815-1875
Indians of North America--Wars--1862-1865
Indians of North America--Wars--1866-1895
Indians of North America--Wars--Alberta
Indians of North America--Wars--Arizona
Indians of North America--Wars--Colorado
Indians of North America--Wars--Mississippi
Indians of North America--Wars--Montana
Indians of North America--Wars--New York (State)
Indians of North America--Wars--Ohio
Indians of North America--Wars--Texas
Indians of North America--Wars--Utah
Indians of North America--Wars--Veterans
Indians of North America--Wars--Wyoming
Indians of North America--Washington (State)
Indians of North America--West (U.S.)
Indians of North America--Wisconsin
Indians of North America--Wounds and injuries
Indians of North America--Wyoming
Indians of North America--Wyoming--Antiquities
Indians of North America--Yukon
Indians of North America--Yukon--Antiquities
Indians of South America
Indians of South America--African influences
Indians of South America--Agriculture
Indians of South America--Andes Region
Indians of South America--Andes Region--Religion
Indians of South America--Anthropometry
Indians of South America--Antiquities
Indians of South America--Argentina
Indians of South America--Argentina--Antiquities
Indians of South America--Argentina--Languages
Indians of South America--Boats
Indians of South America--Bolivia
Indians of South America--Bolivia--Antiquities
Indians of South America--Bolivia--Languages
Indians of South America--Brazil
Indians of South America--Brazil--Languages
Indians of South America--Census
Indians of South America--Chile
Indians of South America--Chile--Languages
Indians of South America--Claims against
Indians of South America--Clothing
Indians of South America--Colombia
Indians of South America--Colombia--Antiquities
Indians of South America--Colombia--Languages
Indians of South America--Craniology
Indians of South America--Ecuador
Indians of South America--Ecuador--Antiquities
Indians of South America--Ecuador--Languages
Indians of South America--Egyptian influences
Indians of South America--Ethnobotany
Indians of South America--Extraterrestrial influences
Indians of South America--First contact with Europeans
Indians of South America--Folklore
Indians of South America--Food
Indians of South America--French Guiana
Indians of South America--Funeral customs and rites
Indians of South America--Games
Indians of South America--Guyana
Indians of South America--Guyana--Languages
Indians of South America--Health and hygiene
Indians of South America--Hindu influences
Indians of South America--Hunting
Indians of South America--Implements
Indians of South America--Industries
Indians of South America--Japanese influences
Indians of South America--Kinship
Indians of South America--Land tenure
Indians of South America--Languages
Indians of South America--Languages--Writing
Indians of South America--Legal status, laws, etc.
Indians of South America--Marriage customs and rites
Indians of South America--Medicine
Indians of South America--Missions
Indians of South America--Missions--Paraguay
Indians of South America--Mixed descent
Indians of South America--Mixed descent--Brazil
Indians of South America--Mixed descent--Colombia
Indians of South America--Music
Indians of South America--Paraguay
Indians of South America--Paraguay--Colonization
Indians of South America--Paraguay--Languages
Indians of South America--Peru
Indians of South America--Peru--Antiquities
Indians of South America--Peru--Languages
Indians of South America--Religion
Indians of South America--Rites and ceremonies
Indians of South America--Semitic influences
Indians of South America--Social life and customs
Indians of South America--Statistics
Indians of South America--Suriname
Indians of South America--Transpacific influences
Indians of South America--Transportation
Indians of South America--Urban residence
Indians of South America--Uruguay
Indians of South America--Venezuela
Indians of South America--Venezuela--Antiquities
Indians of South America--Venezuela--Languages
Indians of South America--Wars
Indians of South America--Wars--Argentina
Indians of the West Indies
Indians of the West Indies--Agriculture
Indians of the West Indies--Anthropometry
Indians of the West Indies--Antilles, Lesser
Indians of the West Indies--Antiquities
Indians of the West Indies--Bahamas
Indians of the West Indies--Commerce
Indians of the West Indies--Cuba
Indians of the West Indies--Dominica
Indians of the West Indies--Dominican Republic
Indians of the West Indies--First contact with Europeans
Indians of the West Indies--Haiti
Indians of the West Indies--Hispaniola
Indians of the West Indies--Implements
Indians of the West Indies--Languages
Indians of the West Indies--Puerto Rico
Indians of the West Indies--Religion
Indians of the West Indies--Wars
Indians on television
Indians with disabilities
Indians, Treatment of
Indians, Treatment of--Canada
Indians, Treatment of--Latin America
Indians, Treatment of--Mexico
Indians, Treatment of--North America
Indians, Treatment of--United States
Indians--African influences
Indians--Asian influences
Indians--Chinese influences
Indians--Egyptian influences
Indians--First contact with Europeans
Indians--Funeral customs and rites
Indians--Government relations
Indians--Hindu influences
Indians--Intellectual life
Indians--Kings and rulers
Indians--Land tenure
Indians--Legal status, laws, etc.
Indians--Marriage customs and rites
Indians--Mixed descent
Indians--Pictorial works
Indians--Politics and government
Indians--Press coverage
Indians--Rites and ceremonies
Indians--Social life and customs
Indians--Study and teaching
Indians--Transatlantic influences
Indians--Transpacific influences
Indians--Urban residence
Individual Indian trust funds
Individual Indian trust funds--Law and legislation
Inuit language
Inuit mythology
Inuktitut dialect
Jesus Christ--Indian interpretations
Landless Indian tribes
Latin America--Civilization--Indian influences
Latin American literature--Indian authors
Legal assistance to Indians
Libraries and Indians
Literature--Indian authors
Love poetry, Indian
Lullabies, Indian
Mexican literature--Indian authors
Mexican poetry--Indian authors
Mexico--Civilization--Indian influences
Museums and Indians
Music--Indian influences
Names, Athapascan
Names, Indian
Names, Indian--North America
Names, Ojibwa
North America--Civilization--Indian influences
Off-reservation boarding schools
Ojibwa art
Ojibwa artists 
Ojibwa baskets
Ojibwa beadwork
Ojibwa business enterprises
Ojibwa children
Ojibwa dance
Ojibwa girls
Ojibwa Indians
Ojibwa Indians--Folklore
Ojibwa Indians--Government relations
Ojibwa Indians--Land tenure
Ojibwa Indians--Medicine
Ojibwa Indians--Mixed descent
Ojibwa Indians--Religion
Ojibwa Indians--Treaties
Ojibwa Indians--Wars, 1898
Ojibwa language
Ojibwa law 
Ojibwa literature
Ojibwa mythology
Ojibwa painting
Ojibwa philosophy
Ojibwa poetry
Ojibwa wit and humor
Ojibwa women
Ojibwa youth
Older Chipewyan Indians
Older Dakota Indians
Older Indians
Older Indians--Mental health
Older Ojibwa Indians
Paraguay--Civilization--Indian influences
Pelota (Indian game)
Peru--Civilization--Indian influences
Peruvian literature--Indian authors
Peruvian poetry--Indian authors
Picture dictionaries, Ojibwa
Picture-writing, Indian
Pok-ta-pok (Indian game)
Proto-Athapascan language
Religious poetry, Indian
Russia (Federation)--Civilization--Indian influences
Siouan Indians
Social work with Indians
Songs, Ojibwa
Speeches, addresses, etc., American--Indian authors
Speeches, addresses, etc., Indian
Speeches, addresses, etc., Ojibwa
Tort liability of Indian tribal governments
Tribal government
Tribal trust funds
Tribal trust funds--Law and legislation
United States. Navy--Indians
United States--Armed Forces--Indians
United States--Civilization--Indian influences
Uruguay--Civilization--Indian influences
Venezuela--Civilization--Indian influences
Venezuelan literature--Indian authors
Whites--Relations with Indians
World War, 1939-1945--Indians

The MAIN (Manitoba Archival Information Network) - LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings) Working Group was established by the Association for Manitoba Archives (AMA) and aggregated this list of recommended subject headings.  

Abandoned First Nations reserves
Archives and Indigenous peoples
Band membership
Band registry
Bible stories, Oji-Cree
Buffalo robes
Ceremonial sites
Community sharing circles
Consultation with Indigenous peoples
Cultural appropriation
Culturally modified trees
Culture, Suppression of
Custom adoption
First Nations police forces
First Nations reserves
Fishing rights
Forest rights
Gambling on First Nations reserves
Giveaway ceremonies
Harvesting rights
High Arctic relocation, 1953
Hunting rights
Hymns, Oji-Cree
Impact and benefit agreements
Indigenous archives
Indigenous elders
Indigenous libraries
Indigenous museums
Indigenous peoples--Museums
Indigenous self-government
Indigenous warriors
Inuit baskets
Inuit cartography
Inuit college teachers
Inuit cooking
Inuit craft
Inuit curlew
Inuit dance
Inuit in medicine
Inuit newspapers
Inuit painting
Inuit periodicals
Inuit philosophy
Inuit--Social life and customs
Ivories, Inuit
Kivalliq dialect 
Language, Suppression of
Libraries and Inuit
Métis scrip
Métis settlements
Mother Earth (Indigenous spirituality)
Names, Oji-Cree
Non-status Indians
Off-reserve First Nations people
Oji-Cree art
Oji-Cree artists 
Oji-Cree baskets
Oji-Cree beadwork
Oji-Cree business enterprises
Oji-Cree children
Oji-Cree dance
Oji-Cree girls
Oji-Cree language
Oji-Cree law 
Oji-Cree literature
Oji-Cree painting
Oji-Cree philosophy
Oji-Cree poetry
Oji-Cree wit and humor
Oji-Cree women
Oji-Cree youth
Older Oji-Cree
On-reserve First Nations people
Picture dictionaries, Oji-Cree
Pipe ceremonies
Plains Cree
Proverbs, Inuit
Residential school survivors
Sacred sites
Sayisi Dene
Sentencing circles
Shaking tent ceremony
Smoke drying
Songs, Oji-Cree
Speeches, addresses, etc., Oji-Cree
Spirit dance
Spirit world (Indigenous spirituality)
Status Indians
Subsurface rights
Swampy Cree
Trade ornaments
Traditional knowledge
Traditional practice
Transformation (Indigenous spirituality)
Trapping rights
White buffalo
White Buffalo Calf ceremony
White Buffalo Calf Maiden
Women Indigenous warriors