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SWK 333: Practice II: Intervention In Generalist Social Work Practice

Students will further develop social work knowledge and skills, translating social work practice philosophy into sustainable, ethical social work. An emphasis is placed on effective social work intervention with individuals, groups, and communities. This

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Research Tip


The resources on the following pages were selected because they are useful for social work research.  The resources include scholarly books, e-books, and article databases that contain academic peer reviewed journals relevant to Social Work research, and reliable websites from universities, the U. S. government and reliable organizations. 

  • Your faculty member only wants to see valid, reliable, authoritative, sources for your research.  That means sources written by experts or scholars who have credentials in the field that they are writing about.
  • Google and Wikipedia are usually not the best place to start.  Keep in mind Google will give you thousands of hits but many will not be academically sound. Wikipedia is great for an overall outline of a topic, but content may not be authoritative.  Google Scholar, however, can be most useful.