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Multi-step Access Resources

Databases that require multiple steps before you can access them.

Scifinder Scholar

To access information, proceed to Scifinder Scholar Web

Please note: You may receive a security certificate error when attempting to access the database. This error may recommend that you not continue in your attempt to access the website. Please do not heed this warning; it is perfectly safe for you to continue. Just choose "Continue to this website" (Internet Explorer) or "add an exception" (Firefox) to continue.


For first time users

FIRST: first time users will be required to register a personal account before they can continue to use the database. Please click here to register an account.


THEN: After you complete the form for creating an individual account, you will receive an email from CAS (SciFinder) with instructions on completing the registration. Follow the instructions as given.


FINALLY: Once you have a finished the entire registration process and have obtained a valid account, you can click on this link whenever you want to access Scifinder Scholar Web