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American Civilization to 1865

A guide to doing United States historical research for the period prior to the Civil War using print and on-line resources available in the Swirbul Library of Adelphi University.

About this LibGuide

About This LibGuide

Use this Guide to locate library resources for  "American Civilization to 1865." It provides a pathway to authoritative reference works, books and eBooks, and databases, and will be helpful in finding journal articles and primary sources as well as relevant websites.

Also included is information on search strategies, use of Google Scholar to locate scholarly articles, evaluation of websites, and article citation using the Chicago, MLA or APA style.

How to Select a Topic

Select a Topic

  • Choose a topic that  interests you
  • Do some background research to give you an overview of the topic. This will help you to:
    • Avoid  topics that are too broad 
    • Avoid  topics that are too specific or narrow
    • Find keywords to use in your searching
  • When you have your topic focus, think of a research question for your research paper.
  • Then use the key words of your question to create a search strategy.
  • Don't be afraid to revise your topic and question as your research!

The hardest part of research is getting started!