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HED 602 (Online): Research and Technology in Health Education

This guide is created to support students in this class to “learn different research methods and analyze and critique existing research. Study issues in assessment and evaluation. "

Data Instrumentation

Constructing a Test

"Careful planning for data collection can help with setting realistic goals. Data collection instrumentation, such as surveys, physiologic measures (blood pressure or temperature), or interview guides, must be identified and described. Using previously validated collection instruments can save time and increase the study's credibility. Once the data collection procedure has been determined, a time line for completion should be established." (Pierce, 2009, p. 159)

Pierce, L.L. (2009). Twelve steps for success in the nursing research journey. Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing 40(4), 154-162

See Jacobsen's Text for definition


Survey Monkey/Questionaires