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HED 602 (Online): Research and Technology in Health Education

This guide is created to support students in this class to “learn different research methods and analyze and critique existing research. Study issues in assessment and evaluation. "

Search Strategies

Developing a Search Strategy    

Before you can search for any information, you should first develop a search strategy.                                                                                        

A search strategy is a plan that helps you look for the information you need.

Search Strategy Tips

  • Identify the key concepts.
  • Determine alternative terms (synonyms) for these concepts, if needed.
  • Refine your search to dates, study groups, etc., as appropriate.
  • Practice helps. Strategies and styles will differ according to personal choice and professional discipline.

Use the Search Strategy Builder (developed by the University of Arizona Libraries) to help you create your own search string to ENTER IN TO A SEARCH BOX. Enter keywords or phrases for the main concepts in the top row and then add synonyms below each word. It works!

Prepared by Prof. O'Neill

Health Information and Organizations

The organizations listed on this page and the online Reference Enclopedias provide  background information on your topicc

Health Related Online Encyclopedias

Health Statistics New York Counties

New York Counties Statistics

 (ex: Nassau County, Suffolk County, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island)

Find Vital Statistics (birth, death, etc.), statistics by disease, sex, demographics, indicator profiles.

US State Statistics

State Statistics

Use for all State health reports and indicators from federal government health statistics and indicators as well as specific reports for New York State


Federal Government Statistics Databases

Federal Government Statistics Databases

Health statistics and indicators, conditions, & diseases. Search by  sex, age, region, accessibility, health care, ethic group, etc.

U.S. Census National Statistics

U.S. Census Bureau

For national health statistics on the following topics: Click HERE or on image above:

Food Consumption & Nutrition (ex: how much food do we consume? what households have problems accessing food?)

Health Care Resources (ex: physicians by sex and specialty? characteristics of state community hospitals?)

Utilization (ex: how many adults use alternative medicine? how many visits to emergency departments by diagnosis?)

Conditions & Diseases (ex:what are the estimated number of new cancer cases and the survival rates? what are the state statistics on reported HIV diagnoses? what are the number of persons over 18 with migraines?)

Expenditures (ex:what are the national health expenditures by state? what is the average annual expenditures per consumer?)

Insurance (ex:what are the number of perons enrolled in an HMO? what are the number of persons without health insurance coverage?)

Risk Factors (ex: what is the current rate of smoking by sex and state? what is the distribution by weight and sex? how many high school students are engaged in physical activity, by sex?)

Medicare & Medicaid (ex:what are the number of medicare enrollees by state? what are the medicaid beneficiaries and payments? Health Care Resources

Costs, access to, use of, and distribution of health care resources

Health Databases

MULTIDISCIPLINARY (GENERAL) DATABASES - cover a wide range of topics and subjects

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is one way to search the Internet for scholarly literature including peer-reviewed journals, thesis and books.

For help on using Google Scholar click on the "Google Tutorial Tabl" on the right side of this box.